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Amici 2022 Evening Edition 21 Episode VII Live April 30 2022

glove between Albee and Luigiwith the latter collides with Anna Pettinelli. According to the teacher, quite often, Luigi was praised by the jury for no real reason. Rudy Zerbi takes his student’s side and accuses her classmate of conspiring with the jury, only when they give her a point in her favour. Speaking of the jury, Stefano Di Martino is intrigued by both. His voice goes to Luigi, the original for his reinterpretation of Pazza Idea and Io Vagabondo. So the team led by Zerbe Celentano wins again.

“I don’t agree with the jury,” Pettinelli settles down. “To understand Albee, you need to listen second”The professor explains. The challenge continues and there is at stake Albee and Dario: Only one of the two will go to Final poll with Nunzio. Who will choose the judges? Maria de Filippi asks Nunzio if he has preferences among the contenders. “Both are good, the one we take is good,” the dancer comments. The papers arrive at the judges’ verdict: Albee goes to the final ballot with Nunzio. Dario breathes a sigh of relief. (Agg. Jacopo D’Antuono)

Pepparini-Celentano, strong words fly

We have reached the challenge between the two teams Celentano Zerbi And the team led by Peparini-Pettinelli to Amici. The gauntlet being between Dario, Michele and Alessandra Celentano The dancer whispers:But what does Dario’s choreographer know? To think that you danced well means that you do not understand anything about dancing.” “I will not let you! I understand the dance! what do you say…”responds angrily Veronica Peppariniwho loses his temper and calls on Celentano to calm down and adjust the terms.

Very warm souls on stage, where a decisive challenge is played. “I’m sorryThen Alessandra was photographed at the end of the confrontation between the two students. The ball is passed to the jury who awards point A Celentano Zerbe. So the job is done for Michelle. Carry on with another challenge, the one between Luigi and Albee. (Agg. Jacopo D’Antuono)

Nunzio in the final ballot

Luigi Sounds like a second child prodigy Stefano Di Martino But she overstepped her bounds tonight. “You are calculated and elegant, in the end you will always bring home performance”, says the Amici judge. “I think like Stefano,” Stash continues. So the first heat of the evening goes to the team Zerbe Celentanowhich refers to three names of the opposing team in the final ballot and thus the risk of disqualification.

Nunzio, Serena and Alex They are the three men who will have to do everything in their power to convince the judges to get them back on the right track. Who will be saved? After presentations arrive papers, the first verdict of the jury. between Stash, Nunzio and Serena Alex immediately returns to the race. Serena and Nunzio are still in jeopardy, with the latter now sailing well. In fact, he is the one who ends up on the ballot for the thousandth time. (Agg. Jacopo D’Antuono)

Luigi charms in the first heat

The seventh episode of the program friends And like every week we get ready to live there together live in the evening, with all the excitement of challenges. The confrontation between the team begins Zerbe Celentano and Kokarini Todaroafter that stash He won an arm wrestling challenge with his fellow jury members, Stefano Di Martino and Emmanuel Filiberto. Rudi Zurbi, as in the past few weeks, appeared in the studio with a legendary bag bearing the words “Young Team”, but first decided to call the team Kokarini and Todaro on stage.

“We are ready to win!” Zerbee opens. The professor jokes: “We are always humbled.” Let’s get comfortable, let’s get started Luigi vs Nunzio. who will win? Celentano starts in fourth and attacks the dancer. “The protagonist is always me,” said the dancer after Alessandra called him inconsistent. Luigi is also a magician on stage, but watch out for Nunzio’s performance with Francesca Toca that is unusual. (Agg. Jacopo D’Antuono)

Amici 21 PM 2022: Advance to Episode VII April 30, 2022

It won’t be an easy evening Michelle, Dancer teacher Alessandra Celentano. The Evening of 7th Amici 2022 He will see him as a great hero and not only for performances in the middle of Studio Canale 5. Michel is the last dancer left in Celentano and also his ace in the hole, however this evening will end in the crossfire. Criticisms of Raimundo Todaro.

On other occasions, the professor of Latin dance said about Michel that he is an excellent dancer only when he dances to the classical repertoire, but in other styles his talent is not at the same level. Tonight, though, he won’t have a very nice comment on him during the match he plays against Sisi. Words that would elicit the dancer’s reaction, and of course his mentor as well. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Luigi’s two successes

a path Luigi at Amici 2022 pm. It was already understood that the disciple was among the finalists of this edition during the afternoon, but during the six episodes of the evening broadcast so far it has grown even more and the results obtained even in the last hours confirm this. From the predictions for Evening Seven, which airs this evening on Canale 5, we find out that it is Luigi who will win the Tim award.

But that’s not all: the singer’s other great satisfaction came from the iTunes chart. In fact, the new singles of the singers who stayed in the race came out recently and it was Luigi who took first place in the rankings. In second place, right behind Luigi, is Alex. Face to face between the two increasingly! (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Luigi, Albee and Nunzio are in danger

Three students are at risk during the seventh episode of Evening friends 21 Broadcast this evening, prime time, on Channel 5? Once again, to the delight of the students who are still in competition, there will be no double disqualification. Only one contestant, at the end of the challenging episode, will have to leave school for good, thus saying goodbye to the dream of reaching the final and returning home with a win. Who, then, will be the students at risk?

From the preview of the “Amici News” Twitter page, we know two singers and a dancer will be making it to the triple ballot. Luigi, Alps and Nunzio. The first to save himself will be Luigi who will thus snatch the ticket for the next episode while Albee and Nunzio compete in a tense final challenge (Update by Stella Dependetto).

Amici 21 PM 2022: A new elimination

The Evening of 7th Amici 2022 We are waiting for you tonight, April 30th, on Canale 5. We are approaching the semi-finals, thus the announcement of the finalists for this edition but before that. Maria de Filippi It goes back to the talent’s behavior in an episode that will make many ups and downs. At his side, as always, the jury consisted of Emanuel Filiberto, Stefano Di Martino and Stache of the Colors. For them the critical task of choosing who will be able to continue the path to the final and who will not.

The evening of the seventh day Amici 21 will also see three qualifiers, and as in the last week, there will be Only one excluded. So there will be a temporary removal of each heat; The three will finally go to challenge each other in the final stage of the episode. The jury will decide a first shot; The other two will go home with the others and there, as always, they will know the name of the excluded.

Competitors and challenges for the sixth episode of Amici Evening 2022

arrived in Evening of 7th Amici 2022How are the teams organized? Last week leave Amici School 21 and the evening race LDA . wasThe lead singer of Rudy Zerbi. So far, the contenders for Amici’s 2022 Evening in the Race are: Alex (singer), Nunzio (dancer), Serena (dancer), Ceci (singer) for Lorella Coccarini and Raimondo Todaro; Luigi (singer) and Michelle (dancer) for the Amici 2022 team consisting of Rudy Zerbe and Alessandra Celentano; Albee (singer) and Dario (dancer) for Veronica Piparini and Anna Pettinelli. Only one of them will have to drop out of school and permanently give up the dream of winning the Amici 21 final: who will it be? (click here Find out what happened in recording Amici 21)

Guests and a new challenge among the teachers in the evening of Amchi 21

The challenges will also alternate between Amici 21 students, during the seventh evening, with moments of music and moments dedicated to entertainment. Obviously, tonight also there will be a challenge among the professors. a The new glove It was launched between Ceccarini-Todaro and Celentano-Zerbi and the latter is poised for their third win in a row. Braces are dedicated to Big friends with Nino Francesca And the musical moment at the end of the episode with the seventh evening guest: Expensive. Let us also prepare ourselves for the heated quarrels between the masters, in particular the quarrels that will see the teacher Alessandra Celentano and her colleague Veronica Piparini as the hero.

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