Milinkovic-Savic and Akerbi flip Spezia: Lazio pass 4-3 at the end | first page

The climax of the match between Thiago Motta Spezia and Lazio Maurizio Sarri on Saturday concludes with the progression of the 35th round of the Italian Serie A.. Between vicissitudes and emotions ends 4-3 for Sarriwho eventually turned the game around with Acerbi, the most discussed man at the moment in the Biancoceleste house.

spice starter – Convinced departure for Thiago Motta’s men who pass in the 9th minute with Amen, who takes advantage of Green’s free kick from outside and Hrisov’s shot. Misunderstandings in the background biancoceleste: Strakosha does not come out and single-handedly beat Amiens to the top. Lazio responded and got a penalty in the 32nd minute: Nikolao missed the header, and Milinkovic-Savic dribbled in the area and was stopped by the defender’s arm: Immobile freezes from the penalty kick and scores 1-1. Time is 3 minutes and Spezia is still ahead with Agudelogood at exploiting another defensive indecision, stealing the ball from Patrick on a back pass to Cataldi, and hitting Strakosha with a header for 2-1.

Lazio shooting – Lazio resumes the game after the end of the first half. At 54′ Zaccagni receives the ball from the outside and returns and kicks at the far post: Provedel touches and the ball ends first on the post and then on the back of the goalkeeper, to equalize. Sarri’s side didn’t have time to cheer: after a minute, Hristof was the fastest ever to convert a Verdi free kick into the box and put the ball into the corner of the goal post. For the first time in the league, Spezia scored three goals in one match. In the 68th minute, the Capitoline reaction: Cataldi’s deep throw by Milinkovic-Savic, who won the duel of strength with Rika and beat Providel bypassing the shot to achieve the new equalizer. In the 90′ ​​last attack on Lazio: Acerbi takes advantage of Luis Alberto’s assist in the fight and beats Provedel in Loeb for a biancoceleste advantage and the final 4-3 sari men. The reload completed when it expired.

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