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Fee refund highway to Delay higher than 10 minutesThey are recognized directly on the basis of your vehicle’s license plate and without the need to ask any questions, announcements or reminders. After an experiment that started last September 15,cashback with plate“On the entire network operated by Autostrade per l’Italia which will allow motorists experiencing delays due to construction sites to be able to recover part of the fee. Operation to combat resentment of delays caused by construction sites along the network to motorists.

After the tragedy of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa and the many warnings of dangers due to poor maintenance made in the past, adapting the European directive on fire safety for tunnels over 500 meters in length, with the powers of a lawyer ready to open files, as of the fall of 2019, many have begun From construction sites that can no longer be postponed. A plan, as Aspi CEO Roberto Tomasi explains, “with more than 21 billion euros to modernize the Autostrade network per l’Italia which presents an unprecedented challenge: people, skills and cutting-edge technological solutions in this field every day in our ways to ensure an increasingly sustainable mobility ».

So much work immediately began to create problems and inconvenience for motorists and all users of the network. So in the face of numerous protests, with an agreement between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Aspi, last September 15, the first reimbursement process, from 25 to 100% of the fees paid, began for those who registered a delay on the average segment distance of at least 15 minutes. However, the process was a bit complicated because the application had to be submitted at the end of the quarter and many kept complaining or giving in. Now, however, everything is changing because, as Tomasi admits, “these efforts involve inconveniences that we are aware of. That is why we try to provide refreshment and meet the needs of our users.” Hence, the new “cashback with panel” begins, which will simplify the life of Autostrade users of the entire l’Italia network: the payment becomes automatic and takes effect already after 10 minutes of delay.

“The service makes payment simpler and more automatic even for users who pay fees with cards or cash, as is already the case for customers with electronic fee systems” explains a note from Aspi and “registration in Free To will be sufficient. Application X ( ) by entering your personal data and the vehicle’s license plate – which will be verified through the civilian vehicle database – to automatically receive the amounts due due to delays due to maintenance and modernization sites on the highway network.” On the app, you will have to indicate your Iban code to receive the payment on the checking account after a few days. No more receipts to keep and orders to be made next: Once you register, the app will inform you directly of the refunds you are entitled to. Thanks to license plate recognition, it will not be necessary to keep the travel receipt on the Aspi network, even if the manager himself clarifies that “it is still desirable to receive it at the toll booth: keep it as a backup can actually be useful in case of any anomalies.” In reading the license plate or, above all, if the trip occurs only partially on the Aspi network, that is, the involvement of other highway franchisees other than Autostrade perl’Italia, on whose networks no cashback is activated.”

the account

To calculate reimbursement ranging from 25 to 100% of the fee, the application will take into account the length of the route traveled and the percentage of delay in the average travel time. The higher the latter, the higher the refunds. For a flight of 90 km, for example, if you accumulate a delay of 10-14 minutes for a construction site, then 25% of the fee will be compensated, up to 29 minutes, 50%, up to 44 minutes 75% exceeded all of which you are entitled to 100%.

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