The six points to follow

According to experts, there are six steps to follow for a diet containing chocolate and carbohydrates that prolong life, let’s see what it is.

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When it is said that a filepower supply What is important is the absolute truth. In fact, what we eat introduces substances into our bodies and then they have an effect on various functions. The right diet, as healthy and balanced as possible, can make us live much longer than a completely unbalanced diet.

There have been many studies around the world related to nutrition. The study we are talking about today comes from America, specifically from researchers at the University of Southern California. There will be a list of 6 points It must be followed to have an ideal diet to extend the life that can reach 10 years.

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But let’s see how the researchers came to these points, what they studied and examined, and then we will find out the details of these rules that seem to be Secret To live longer.

The Diet That Extends Life: The Six Key Points

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Scientists looked at the population, they looked at all races and all ages. They have established bonds between the relationship Nutrients Presumably, fasting periods, they observed people’s genetic characteristics in relation to what they usually ate. In addition, they have studied and examined the main existing diets such as Mediterranean, ketogenic, vegan, etc…

They took into account limited periods and longer periods and came to the conclusion that there is one Lifestyle Which you can adopt from your very young age so that you have fewer problems as you age. This consists of six points:

  1. Eat a lot of carbohydrates, but they are full;
  2. do not eat red meat, reduce the intake of white meat and sometimes eat fish;
  3. Proteins should come from vegetables, such as legumes;
  4. Eat vegetable fats such as olive oil, nuts, and dark chocolate.
  5. The meals of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) must be eaten within 12 hours of the day to leave the other 12 for fasting;
  6. Total fasting for approximately 5 days every 4 months to rebalance many aspects of the body such as insulin and stress.

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This is what was announced by the scientists who conducted this important and extensive research. Of course, for any information on nutrition and health, it is necessary to contact your doctor and others nutrition specialist.

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