The wait has become so annoying that it is also reflected in other games –

Hollow Night: SilkSong It’s a title very expected. It was so much anticipated, that many were eager to know when they would be able to get it to work, including some indie developers who decided Cite the topic in their games.

For example, in the recently launched Haiku bot, a pixel art adventure for PC and Nintendo Switch, you can find a grave that reads: “For those who find my grave in the distant future, I would like to ask: Did Silksong come out?

Will Team Cherry listen to this cry of pain?

Hollow Knight: Silksong was announced in 2019, following the success of the first Hollow Knight, and since then, very little of the game has been seen and there is so much waiting for its arrival, that it has become somewhat of a recurring joke every Nintendo Direct. (Where it is expected to be served). Hence the quote from Mr. Morris in the game.

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