Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, Phil Spencer plays the charge before the event –

Phil Spencer she has The charge looked In view ofXbox and Bethesda Games Gallerythe event to be held in a few weeks during which upcoming games will be shown on Microsoft platforms.

When it arrives on June 12, the Xbox & Bethesda game show will be a traditional synthesis of the promotional work Redmond House’s gaming division has done so far, and Spencer is getting increasingly excited.

“Preparing for events, spending time with development teams evaluating demos, ads, and scripts is one of the funniest parts of this job,” wrote the Microsoft Gaming CEO.

“I feel like a fan who snuck behind the scenes to watch the show in the making. I’m looking forward to June 12th to be able to show off the amazing work done so far by so many talented teams.”

Of course we can’t wait either, and needless to say we’ll be watching the Xbox and Bethesda games show live, commenting in real time on all the announcements, trailers, and news coming from that point.

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