“An increase means to continue the war to the bitter end” – Il Tempo

“An increase in weapons means that the war will continue to the bitter end.” the professor. Luciano Canfora with regard to On airSaturday 30 April highlights how arms were already sent to Ukraine some time ago. “The massive armament of NATO has been going on since 2015,” explains the historian who met the leaders of the alliance La7 David Barenzo and Concetta Di Gregorio. “We do not want to acknowledge the fact that we are slowly slipping into conflict – Canfora deplores – and so it seems to me that the categorical imperative must be to stop the war as soon as possible.” It uses a Latin quote: “dulce bellum unknown or War is sweet for those who have not experienced it“.

“At this point, is it right or not to continue to hand over arms to the Ukrainian army to defend itself against Putin’s aggression?” “I think you said before that increasing the weapons meant continuing the war to the bitter end,” the historian asserts. “It goes without saying that they give themselves up through intermediaries – says the professor, and gives reason to the geopolitical expert Caracciolo – this is a proxy war. We have seen others in history – he remembers – like when the Chinese arrived in great numbers in the war in Korea and the rescue of Pyongyang, meaning Also risk widening the scope of the conflict significantly. And that is the problem of the problems.” Then the plea: “Both NATO and Putin must stop – there is no point in continuing strictly to say that Tizio or Caius are guilty, we have been at war for 66 days.”

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