Confirmed games on day one in the catalog go up to 7 –

While we are still waiting for Microsoft’s official announcement of upcoming games in May 2022 within the catalog Xbox Game Passand at the same time they rise to 7 matches confirmed on the first day During the month that has just begun, to which all others must then be added.

Here are the seven games scheduled to arrive on day one in the Xbox Game Pass catalog in May 2022, for now:

  • Loot River – May 3
  • Sleeping Citizen – May 5
  • Journey to Yumi – May 5
  • The Euden Chronicle: The Rise – May 10
  • Hardspace Shipbreaker – May 24
  • Sniper Elite 5 – May 26
  • Pac-Man Museum + – May 27

We’ve already seen several weeks ago that the games that arrived on day one in the Xbox Game Pass catalog in May 2022 were already five, but two more must be added to the total to get to 7 titles.

We remind you that we are only talking about the games that are planned to be released on the first day within the subscription service, and therefore with a scheduled release already in May and this is not the total catalog of games planned, which obviously will be wider .

L ‘official announcement On the upcoming games in the first half of May 2022 for Xbox Game Pass subscribers is scheduled for next week, most likely on Tuesday, May 3. Meanwhile, among the unexpected additions, FIFA 22 and NBA 2K22 have also been included in recent days.

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