Forum pre-qualifiers launched: live on SuperTenniX


Matches are visible in SuperTenniX, the digital evolution of SuperTennis. Platform The Italian Tennis Federation wanted to keep pace with the times, reach a wider audience and increase the passion of the members, access to which is free.
Even non-members can access SuperTenniX by subscribing to one of the packages offered: €3.99 per month or €34.99 for an annual subscription. Both offers come with a 14-day free trial

Foro Italico’s pre-qualifier matches are broadcast live every day, with cameras pointed at the “legendary” Pietrangeli stadium. This is the programming:

Sunday 1 May – Petrangeli Square starts at 9.00 – Singles 2nd round

Monday 2 May – CAMPO PIETRANGELI starts at 9.00 – 5 matches (3rd round 3 singles + 1st round 2 doubles)

TUESDAY 3 MAY – CAMPO PIETRANGELI starts at 10.00 – 5 matches (QF 3 singles + QF 2 doubles)

Wednesday May 4 – PIETRANGELI FIELD starts at 10.00 – 4 matches (single semi-finals + double semi-finals)

Thursday May 5 – PIETRANGELI FIELD STARTING 10.00 – 4 matches (single finals + double finals)

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