Forza Motorsport also on Xbox One? Shows two pictures from the old version –

the new Forza Motorsport Not only will it be a next-gen exclusive, but it will also be released in Xbox Oneaccording to a leak with two Pictures It was allegedly taken from the old version of the driving game.

Just a few hours ago we reported some rumors that Forza Motorsport will be in beta so theExit The address could be closer than previously thought, but it seems the news didn’t end there.

“I’m tired of hearing that Forza Motorsport will only be releasing on next-gen platforms, so here are some pictures of the Xbox One version taken from a build around last July,” the leaker wrote.

In 2020, the removal of Smart Delivery wording made us believe Forza Motorsport would not be released on Xbox One, but Microsoft wasn’t really clear about this, and the project may have been changed in the process.

We’ll definitely know more during the Xbox & Bethesda Game Show announced on June 12.

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