Goodbye Raiola reveals Walter Sabatini: “He offered to take me to America for my recovery”

The post from Salernitana and the words of Walter Sabatini who revealed a background linked to Mino Raiola, who passed away at the age of 54

Yesterday, the Mino family Raiola The death of the well-known sports agent, one of the most powerful and famous in the world of football, was announced by a long post on Twitter. Agent several samples – from Ibrahimovic And Haaland to Balotelli Raiola passed away at the age of 54 after a long illness.

Numerous reactions from the world of football. Walter too Sabatinithe current sporting director of SalernoHe wanted to tell an unpublished story about his health and himself RaiolaWho offered him to take him for treatment in America at his expense. Mino, you would not have given me the opportunity to do this in life, you would argue as usual. We have struggled enough Mino, but I cannot forget that when I was seriously ill, you called my wife and offered to take me to America at your expense. Work. Extraordinary generosity, Unnecessarily silent. Thank you Mino.”the words of the former CEO of PalermoPosted by profile Facebook From the Campania club.

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