How much does a state earn from mistakes in tax returns?

The much-anticipated moment of the tax return, essential to the income picture of Italian families, is approaching. It sometimes happens that mistakes are made in filling out forms, which can lead to huge expenditures on income: how much does the state earn from these errors?

Fill out the application forms tax declaration Increasingly done from home independently, using pre-filled forms byrevenue agency. Sometimes checking the wrong box on construction bonuses, medical bills, or veterinary bills can bring huge unexpected revenue into state coffers.

From the first examinations conducted in this regard, it was found that the state had collected approximately 5 billion euros Incorrectly completed ads. Let’s delve into it.

Tax: How Much Does the State Gain from Compilation Errors?

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As mentioned, that Errors in completing tax return It is an unexpected source of income for the state. About 5.2 billion euros are obtained in this way, which is a huge income. This represents about 38% of the total theft recovered from tax evasion for the whole of 2021.

Compared to 2021, this is a higher value of revenue than the entire system Collectionwhich reached last year Four billion euros. The mechanism that detects these errors is fully automated: let’s see how it works.

Automated checks: how do they work?

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Let’s see how it works and what it entails Automated checks Prepared by the Revenue Agency. Thanks to these, in fact, it is possible to recognize Errors in filling out tax returnsMistakes that can cost taxpayers dearly. So it may happen that fraudulent practices at first glance are actually simple compilation errors.

Automated control system specifically aims to find these practices, to avoid confusion with those of tax evaders, which is the real goal of the checks that the Revenue Agency conducts.

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