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from Laura Martellini

Ambra Angiolini and Pogo give the concert in Piazza San Giovanni. Starting at 3 p.m., Carmen Consoli, Lista representative, Marco Mingoni and many more are presenting. Big mother and body shaming: “They told me I was overweight. But today I feel beautiful

Ukrainians opened Go-A with John Lennon’s peace hymn “Imagine” with refugee guests from different countries May Day party. A cheerful, colorful, stark crowd of very young people, with different accents. From north to south Italy. A picture that has not been seen for three years and is lost in Piazza San Giovanni. At 2 p.m., thousands already crowded the grass in front of the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano for the grand concert given by Ambra Angiolini. They became tens of thousands in the middle of the afternoon, so much so that the police headquarters stopped the flow. All entrance gates have been closed.

Since the morning, many have already taken first places under the stage. Blankets on the lawn and beer close at hand. despite the prohibitions. However, police checks are meticulous, even if the partisan atmosphere prevails. Few flags, zero slogans, at least in the audience.

As if it was finally music that should speak: I expected among the big names Marco Mingoni, Tommaso Paradiso, Max Bezzali, Ornella Vanioni, Luca Barbarossa and Extralessio, and the idols of the very young Jimetez, Riccomi, Synchro, Actor List, Ranzor, Psychologists. Everyone brings their own ideas to the stage – and this is a 2022 directing – with the (fifth) performance of Ambra Angiolini, who seemed to be pitting the audience in jeans and a white T-shirt with black sleeves. He then donned the blue and yellow striped shirt that was already shown in the audience’s last live event. It was affected by the human tide. Tears he hid with his back to the audience for a moment. In Action for Peace “In Action for Peace” is the subtitle of the event, full of hot topics that will also be entrusted to the “thinkers” expected to be on the scene, from Claudio Santamaria with Francesca Parra, to Stefano Masini, Marco Paolini, Riccardo Iacona.

Previously Controversy arose, even before the start: “Happy May 1st and Concerton is good for everyone. I wanted to be there but I think my calling was lost: like him

videos It was settled on Instagram in reference to his participation in the 2021 edition of the concert, which sparked controversy over the rapper’s attack on politicians who spoke out against Zhan’s bill and accusations of trying to censor the organizers.

One of the first messages that was launched from the theater was also to fight the shame of the body: «Fat, you’re raunchy, they told me when I was a kid – I remembered the singer Big Mama -. Hide! How sad…but now I’m great…” Applause like a roar welcomed the technicians who took to the stage. Stories: Like Mel’s story, real name Elisa Pucci, from Felletri, near Rome, winner of the next 1m competition, May Day youth competitionMy model is Raffaella Cara – explained the very young girl in a pink retro suit and green shirt with a bow -. And I love Gino Pauli. Artists are able to write lightly by telling important topics. Singers of today, yesterday and tomorrow. I am a woman at other times, not just in dress.” The Museek Foundation, switched from writing in English to Italian, and took victory at the ceremony with “Sì, Signorina”.

He debuted with a monologue by Fasma, a Romanian rapper who successfully investigated youth malaise: “We guys are pretending not to suffer – so we deciphered the new song from the title missing children – But pain is human gasoline. We need to find the strength to break taboos: seek help if necessary. My inspiration is Peter Pan.” Mr. Ren touched on a similar topic, depression:The bad thing when we fight with ourselves, slaves to our own fears, is that we are convinced we can do it on our own. But it’s like being in quicksand, the more you try to escape, the more you sink, dart and dart. Mental health is just as important as physical health. I speak from personal experience: do not be afraid to ask for help, this is an act of strength. ”

The subject of the conflict in Ukraine with the conductor and composer, on this occasion, the musician Valerio Lundini, broke out in an arrogant manner: “The war is bad,” and he carried out a muzzle phone call with Vladimir Putin that ended in a paradoxical manner, the Tsar announced the end of the battles and the comedian remarked: “Thank you, President.”

Evening live broadcast and big names

The second part of Concertone opens, in full swing, with the number of women murdered by male anger – passing through the play of the murders of Manuel Portozzo and Marco Vannini at the age of twenty –

Then the delegate of the list: «Who among you is a foreigner? Such squares can change things.” With them the phrase “Hello, farewell to all fears, and go to this war!” Dario Mangiaracina, shouted out from the walkway projected into the crowd. there
to forbid Big names: Max Bezale followed him, who sang a cappella at the commercial breakI to

the television, Off the cameras, giving a moment of collective joy. The ebb and flow of Piazza San Giovanni is the protagonist. Then the reporter’s certificate Ricardo Yacona, accompanied on stage by Sting’s notes to the Russians, from 1985: “The musician used to say, ‘Wars are never won.'” warm box. A green robe and hair cuz speaks of love with notes and action with words: “I think of all those who worked in building the theatre, Thank you to those who took their time to make the event possible.” He knows it well, which made his debut as a theater technician at a very young age. Music at the time was just a dream. From Aries, 20-year-old singer-songwriter, love letter, free, young man. Another nuance, investigated a little by living dominated by two common threads: “I started talking about peace – he hung behind the scenes – Then move on to my favorite topics, adolescence, sexuality. I would like people to love as they want and who they want.”

Ornella Vanoni, very elegant in white and the desert of Africa, remembers the death of that eighteen-year-old boy who died at work Falling off a scaffold: “With death in my heart,” he commented on his performance of Chico Park’s piece, “The Building.” one song. So I asked to be included in the lineup.

Rai Radio2 in collaboration with Siae, the Italian Association of Authors and Publishers, tells live via radio (and visually on Radio2, on RaiPlay and on siae.it) everything that happens from a studio created behind the scenes. Starting at 7 pm, Valerio Lundini and Vazzanikki, who are also theater guests, present a mixture of surreal graphics and good music behind the scenes: a show that anticipates the summer tour across Italy. And it was Siae to fetch Go_A, who represented Ukraine last year in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. “Music brings peace. Music is peace “They emphasized the presence of a camera with an all-black look. Charismatic and hypnotic. “We need to convince Russia to leave our land free – they explained at the end of the exhibition -. We want to be able to live where we were born. impossible? There are several ways to pressure Putin into making his decision. Music is one of those.”

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