Mourinho: “Bad quality today Zaniolo is a goal for the referees. Yesterday there were those who won with an offside goal…”

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Roma Bologna Interviews – All the statements made by Giallorossi coach Jose Mourinho on the occasion of the Roma-Bologna match, valid for the 35th match of the Italian Serie A.

Mourinho at the press conference

rotation? Did you expect anything more?
Bad game, the team that wanted to win was of poor quality.

Why did you choose Zaniolo as a striker?
You never change, the story is always the same. I’ve been training for 22 years, as well as the fact that the team can win with an offside goal, because the team won yesterday with an offside goal. If I hadn’t made any changes today, the criticism would have been because I didn’t give the conditions for the players to be able to compete with the opponent. This has never changed in 22 years. We played after Shumorodov and Abraham and did not develop. The players who joined later did not improve.

When she left Italy 12 years ago, she said the press was a victim of intellectual prostitution.
I don’t think so and I refuse to say it, I now see normal print in your analytics. Aside from some phenomena, I see serious, critical and analytical journalism. But if you want to hide yesterday’s team win with an offside goal in 2022, you have to ask me that question again.

In your opinion, has ZAniolo’s situation improved with the referees?
I don’t understand why you, who is from Bologna, ask this question. However, Zaniolo’s position has changed, but the referees’ attitude towards Zaniolo has not. He knows he is a target, the rulers have not changed towards him.

Mourinho to Dazen after the match

Lots of disappointment on his face
“For me he started with little quality. The team that wanted to win did not do what was required while those who did not want to win did what was required. Low quality.”

Did it affect Leicester?
“Yes, of course. We are in a beautiful and difficult situation. Thursday will be the 14th match in Europe on Thursday, and after the Italy match it will be more complicated. Leicester made everyone relax. We wanted to win but we didn’t. A bad match and our responsibility is that we played badly. Let rule everything.”

Would you explain 4 changes like this?
“I tried to provide quality but we didn’t have the effect. The 4 who went in, OK Karsdorp and Pellegrini. Tammy and Zalowski are less good, 15 of the 30 minutes we played, we had chances but not enough.”

“You and the judges are a bit obsessed with Zaniolo.”

Mourinho in the pre-match match at Dazen Stadium

“Hug to Senisa, see you next season. We are making some changes, we are in a difficult situation, Leicester are playing in conference for two months and changing 10 in the league. We are between 5o and 8o and that is a difficult solution. We want to give the players they serve a chance. Trust all United men”

How do you feel about Roman?
“100%. That’s me: I arrive at a club and immediately try to find empathy with the fans and the people who work with me and with the players. I take the shirt and never leave it. Roma are special, they make you feel like one of them and the people are so fond of the club, I do everything I can to be with them.” If I can help, I’m here.”

Looking for Arnautovic today…
“We were in England together, when he went to China we know why, but it was a great moment in his career. Now he’s back in Italy at his age, but he has incredible quality and because of his physical nature he can look like Ibrahimovic. It’s dangerous, he will be here today with the goal of scoring. This is football: friends first.”

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