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On the evening of Saturday, April 30, here is the seventh episode of the evening friendsCovenant Maria de Filippi, obviously airing on Canale 5. And the hostess was fascinated by his unusual, extravagant, beautiful appearance and contrary to all TV myths. The announcer, in fact, introduced herself in broadcasting with Plum purple lace dressdespite those who argue that purple brings bad luck (the TV environment is notorious for superstition).

Very elegant and funky, Maria de Filippi showed off a famously signed dress: The dress was actually designed by Valentino. The price is clearly not affordable: the dress is on sale at a list price of €2,900. The name? Totally Instructive: “Valentino’s Floral Lace Dress.”

In the description that the dress brand gives, we read: “A garment capable of maximizing the wearer’s silhouetteIt’s hard to deny Valentino, in fact. A dress that is 100% made in Italy and consists of two fabrics, one of wool and silk and the other of cotton, polyamide, elastane, and viscose. By the way, a violet plum can be deceiving: on the basis of light, it may appear black, But believe us, it’s purple.

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