Pogo, a Prussia T-shirt in Concertone? He replies: “Junnah was an oasis.”

“But who T-shirt forefrontRussia! I wore a T-shirt from prom oasis. What a madness.. I’ve dealt with important issues like safety at work, on the streets, rights of people working in business, and multiple sclerosis. On social media, I am attacked for wearing a T-shirt.” unleashed pogo After someone speculated on social media that he wore a T-shirt in the colors of the Russian flag, during an afternoon in the… Concerton May 1st in Rome.

“It’s ignorance, we’re talking about peace here.” Unpleasant arcs to experience that excited and satisfied him so much. “It was really cool, being a bandleader is not my job but I would like to have an appearance here or even on another show, why not? Singing is my life, it comes from the heart, and talking instead evokes feelings but is controlled by the mind.” Among the artists he particularly appreciated are Coez and psychologists.

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