Shark Attack: The Island Is Overrun

Isola dei Famosi, The Outcasts Attacked by Sharks: The scary video that frightens every fan of the reality show Canale 5.

Celebrity Island –

Now in its highly anticipated 16th season, Canale 5 reality show, hosted by the beautiful Elari Blasey For the second time, Celebrity Island always leaves all its fans speechless Because of the fluctuations on the agenda.

In fact, in the last few hours, A clip on social networks that no one expected to see go crazy: The panic Everywhere. Because? What’s going on?

Isola dei Famosi 16: sexy video

As is known, every week the reality show hosts for the second time a gorgeous wife Francesco Totti It presents the good stuff generated by the dynamics that the untouchables perform.

Although some viewers are now expecting typical versions of these shows, No one expected to see such a thing Caius Cochinos. It scary videos that tours the web: Fear is great. For any reason?

Elari Blasey is speechless
Elari Blasey –

Shipwrecks attacked by sharks on the island of 2022

right Now Elari Blasi’s broadcast takes center stage on all Mediaset networks And of course on all social networks. In this edition, however, there were not a few obstaclesThe team from Colono Monezes and the team in Honduras had to move.

An example of this was undoubtedly bad weather. Or, as it is known, changing the day from Thursday to Friday evening. Not to mention Patricia Bonetti’s burns or Jovana Djordjevic’s precarious health. In short, despite the excellent ratings, Wasn’t and still is a trip down.

In fact, this is exactly what happened in these hours Playa Balaba: The competitors and fans of Mediaset are literally taking their breaths.

Elari Place Island 2022
Elari Blasey –

Well, it seems that on Isola dei Famosi there are some elements that the team does not really appreciate: Sharks. By hinting on social networks, Looks like sharks attacked the islanders.

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