Sully in Civitanova, gym before Donoma (photo)

VOLTO TV – An afternoon of training and relaxation for the well-known influencer and model after participating in the GF Vip

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from Federico De Marco

Training and relaxation for Soleil located in Civitanova. Famous influencer Corallo Fitness Club chose to spend the afternoon at the gym before the evening as a special guest at the Donoma nightclub. Sulli is one of the new faces of Italian TV, an influencer and model best known primarily for her participation in the Big Brother Vip (where many debates and controversies arose in the gossip world).


Thanks to mutual friendships, Soleil William Marcantoni visited at his gym and took the opportunity to train in the weight room and then rejuvenate in the wellness area and relax with a relaxing massage. The former Gf Vip has not escaped with videos and selfies.

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Fabrizio Corona trains in the gym before the evening at the last show of Donoma Fiorello in Rossini


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