A puffy face and curved, swollen fingers can indicate this tricky and deadly tumor that regularly affects thousands of Italians

There are symptoms that we often underestimate that can portend more serious illnesses than we think. Cancer will be among the most destructive and will easily claim victims. Advances in medicine in recent years have at least reduced the likelihood of death, even if the risk remains high.

There are many types of tumors and affect different parts of the body. A healthy lifestyle and careful, timely visits can help prevent or detect disease. In fact, we will know very well that in the more advanced stages, the treatment of a tumor becomes very complex.

On certain days you may notice changes in your body. These include a swollen face and curved and swollen fingers. These small, but important, details may in some cases indicate the presence of one of these terrible diseases.

Lung cancer and mortality data

The situation reported by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità will not be reassuring. Lung cancer, in addition to being one of the most common types of lung cancer, is one of the most problematic. Unfortunately, this cancer will expand rapidly in Italy, where about 40,000 cases of patients develop each year.

Pathology appears mainly among the elderly, especially between 70 and 74 years. The main culprit is cigarette smoking, even secondhand. Men may be at a slightly higher risk than women (15% of new diagnoses will be spoken against 12%). The odds of surviving 5 years after the birth of the tumor would, however, remain less than 20% for both sexes.

A puffy face and curved, swollen fingers can indicate this tricky and deadly tumor that regularly affects thousands of Italians

The risk of lung cancer also relates to the silence that manifests itself in the beginning. Only after a certain spread will the first symptoms appear, different and different from each other. The best-known and most popular are related to persistent cough, shortness of breath, constant fatigue and decreased hunger.

But there may be others that are less common, but can still indicate the onset of the disease. Among these, in fact, swelling of the face and fingertips, the curvature of the latter. But it may also be accompanied by chest or shoulder pain, problems swallowing, and a fever higher than 38 degrees.

Special tests can diagnose lung cancer early, allowing us to avoid it in time. X-rays, CT scans and bronchoscopy should be done regularly, especially after a certain age.

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