Accra, was the target offside? This is what the regulation states

Controversy over the target after it expires Francesco AccraOn Saturday, Lazio won 4-3 in Spezia. The target is validated in full recovery even if, by reviewing the images, it appears to have been spoiled by an offside. The referee pays the price Luca Barretto and a blank clerk Luigi Nascawhich will be suspended until the end of the season. So let’s try to reconstruct what happened on Saturday night at The Peak. In the final forcing of Sarri’s team Luis Alberto after a series of rebounds, a sloppy conclusion becomes an aid for Acerbi who overtakes Provedel, at that moment, off the rolls, almost on the edge of a small area, in the middle of his team’s defenders and the most advanced Lazio attackers.

Rome and Mourinho attacks Bologna and governance. Fritschata Lazio: “Won offside goals”

What does the list say?

The still image shows how one player (Reca) certainly keeps Acerbi in the game, but the second (Nikolaou), in this case the penultimate defender, is not in line or behind the Biancoceleste defender. It is very likely that a substantive case was also committed at the Var headquarters, and drew the line on Reca and not on Greek. False as prescribed by the rules (Rule 11 of the game of football): a player is in an offside position if: any part of the head, body or feet is in the opposite half of the field (except for the midfield) and any part of the head, body or The feet are closer to the opponent’s goal line than the ball or the penultimate opponent. The hands and arms of all players, including goalkeepers, should not be taken into account. To determine the location of the infiltration, the upper border of the arm coincides with the lower part of the armpit. A player is not in an offside position if he is in the same row with: the penultimate opponent or the last opponents.

Spezia-Lazio 3-4, Redemption Acerbi: Scored in the 90th minute and exits a week of controversy

by Jacopo Manfredi

Mourinho: “A team wins with an offside goal”

Exciting censorship, which could be crucial to the final classification of the tournament and in particular to qualifying in European League. Not surprisingly, there was a search for this Sunday evening episode of Jose Mourinho, at the end of the Roma-Bologna game. “The story is always the same: I’ve been training for 22 years and it hasn’t changed and the other thing that hasn’t changed is that 22 years ago you could win an offside goal, and 22 years later you can still win an offside goal because that happened yesterday. And that means something,” the words of the Special Wan at the press conference referring to the winning goal. Immature.

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