Because the state is taking over the places where video games are played –

from Alessio Lana

All Italian realities of this kind have been banned by the Customs and Monopolies Agency which will therefore be able to continue operating as shops or bars

to me LAN and eSport halls It seems over. L ‘Customs and Monopolies Agency It has captured all the Italian realities of the genre which will therefore be able to continue operating as shops or bars but not for the reason they exist, video games.

Sell ​​because, what are they

I was born about thirty years ago, LAN rooms rent stations with PCs and consoles to play the latest video game titles It has evolved a lot over time. Once upon a time, when we were still cruising at 56 km, they were a parallel world. On the one hand, they made it possible to pay a few thousand lira an hour to have powerful (and expensive) machines available to enjoy. In addition to computers that are connected to each other via the local network, hence the name, hence Organize challenges with friends. Then they turned (at the time) a one-on-one fun like a video game into something to share with friends and strangers all locked in the same room. From there I was born lan party, challenges that lasted for hours playing titles like Quake or Duke Nukem 3D. Now that everyone has a strong connection and gaming PCs, no matter how expensive they are, are still affordable, LAN halls have become a temple of esportsThe places where digital athletes train. There is a dark financial area and above all.

Reasons for closing

The complete closure followed a complaint by Sergio MeliciCEO of Led Srl and owner of the arcade games, slots, pool and Joyvillage series. In the document, the manager notes the similarity between the equipment installed in his stores and that provided by Lan rooms or eSports, as well as attaching pictures of the driving simulation.

slot machines

From here he notices three aspects. first that proper corridors I Subject to strict regulations To prevent equipment installed in public places from being used for illegal gambling while you are in Lan rooms Computers and simple controllers connected via the Internet are installedMinor users may use this equipment without any control or regulation.
The second is that home entertainment products It is provided in places open to the public for a fee to users, and the cost of this service is hidden in the purely rental of equipment and not in the use of the game.
The third difference in these driving simulators Very similar to the devices our company uses, with significant costs, in accordance with the rules that are required to be approved by the responsible bodies and then allowed to be installed and used in places designated for legitimate gaming. Everything will then lead us to Circumvention of applicable regulations.

the answer

From here are the seals of all the Italian Lan room equipment and eSport rooms that respond on social networks. From the Palazzo eSport in Bergamo, one of the most important Italian facts, they confirm how Today’s standards from thirty years ago Then they see a custom liquid computer like Pac-Man’s locker. In addition, the owner continues a video on TikTok, where the game was installed on old cabinets while online video games are now managed on publishers’ servers and played only on PCs. So It’s impossible to check if it’s correct, especially because it’s updated every three seconds (He refers in particular to the driving simulators mentioned in the complaint.) Finally, he should notice how Coni recognizes esports and digital sports Like other sports.

We thank him for thinking of us first… on his show… Thank him for making us flip the building… but we thank him more for what will follow, writes on Instagram PC Teklab Gaming of Milan in reference to Milesi, now that we have been taken first and foremost from us all the stations … I hope the world opens up for you.. brand new.. A very familiar world to us…..then they also posted a picture of playing with iMac in Apple Store.

Admiral’s point of view

The problem, however, is above all financial. The Admiral repeated a big one in April Equality of all gaming devices (The free availability of the equipment referred to in Article 110, paragraph 7, of TULPS in places open to the public does not relieve the obligation to comply with the provisions in force and from the payment of proportional tax) and therefore also Lan or eSport lounges must be authorized Subject to approval, ratification and payment of the Entertainment Tax (Isi).

El Kone: Video games are not gambling

I was quite amazed, because in my opinion there was a major fundamental misunderstanding, dictated by a lack of knowledge of the sector, explains Agameg Stefano Spordoni, advisor to the recently created Coni eSport Promotion Committee (otherwise known as Svi: Virtual Sports Italy). Mixing sports and gambling makes money It seems to me quite the limit – he continues -. I believe that even those who have denounced these activities as competition to themselves should continue to investigate this issue. Legislation regarding esports events, including the venues where they are held, in which I have expressed myself several times, even in public, does not actually exist, but I repeat that these activities have nothing to do with gambling.

What will happen

In short, there are many issues to be clarified and they have 90 days to clarify a complex situation, made up of outdated grammar, definitions to be revised and Technology that works faster than the law. Then it happens just as the arcades are emptied more and more (it’s been years since) while their peers are on the crest of the wave. There are countries, such as France, that invest in esports like traditional disciplines and Macron himself wants to participate in the Paris Olympics in 2024. From this point of view, closing the esports hall would be like To close a football or rugby field.

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