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The main suspect in the Bucha massacre according to Ukraine is Sergei Kolotsi, commander of a unit of the Russian National Guard.

I selected Ukraine The main suspect In the Busha massacre. The prosecutor said that Irina Venediktovato be the commander of a unit of the Russian National Guard,
Sergei Kolotsi.

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Sergei Kolotsi, commander of the Russian National Guard unit, was accused of killing four unarmed men in Bucha on March 18, when their hands were found tied behind their backs and signs of torture And about another civilian torture on March 29, said the prosecutor, who also posted photos of Kolotsev on social media.

It was also established that the Russian military – according to the Prosecutor General’s Office on Telegram – forced another victim to it Acknowledgment of disruptive activities against the Russian army. To do this, he hit the guy in particular with the handle of the rifle. False execution, shot near the ear of a defenseless civilian. Checks are underway to determine whether responsible for other crimes.

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