CoD Warzone, 54,000 players banned: Anonymity access

This time the developers of Warzone decided to get their hands on Ricochet once again to make the cheaters understand who the boss is! Here is anonymity and what will change for the incorrect players who prefer to use cheating methods.

Nostalgia will remember the times Verdansk As the best to date war zone, But it is a pity that they were times infested with cheaters! In fact, even if Verdansk was and still is the most popular and loved Warzone map of all time, unfortunately, there have been many cheaters who have targeted famous characters battle royale from Activision.

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In fact, especially in the past few periods it was difficult to play without a meeting cheating, So much so that some live stream creators have decided to leave the game to focus on something else. However, the developers soon after the launch pacific war zone enter bouncing back And many other ways to counter cheaters.

War Zone: Anonymity scares cheaters!

As we have seen in recent months, the work of bouncing back Warzone is really great, to the point of eliminating most of the cheaters in a very short time, leaving room for players who are really interested in playing Cod without facing off. Some cheat. Plus, it looks like Warzone wants to copy Fortnite, thanks to an event that will take your breath away!

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Are you and your buddies ready to unleash the chaos? (Source: Call Of Duty)

Everyone now knows that cheaters don’t have them anymore Long life On Warzone, not only thanks to Ricochet but also thanks to other measures the developers have taken, such as reducing the damage caused by cheaters.

This time though Activision He wanted to get his hands on it hide A special way to combat the plague of cheaters. In fact, if a player is caught using cheats, they will be kicked out of classification From Warzone and Vanguard automatically, plus there’s another nasty surprise.

In fact, cheaters will not only hurt to shoot, they will no longer know what hit them because honest players will be too. invisible for their eyes! While some players sometimes succeed in doing impossible actions, anti-cheat will be able to distinguish between cheaters and honest players. This new situation shows how hard the developers are in the game, giving users hope that one day cheaters in Warzone will cease to exist.

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