Comparison with divinity

during superheroThe program is broadcast on dozen made by Pierluigi Bardosinger enter Lorenzo Jovanotti. Among the various topics covered, we ended up commenting on the singer’s tour of various stadiums, including the former San Paolo. Speaking about the plant today named after the former Pibe de Oro, Jovanotti . commented Diego Armando Maradona:

“I like football poetry so much, it moves me. A character like Maradona is pure legends. Movie Kusturica is a masterpiece, Maradona is one of the greatest fashion figures of our generation and beyond, real god. He is a wonderful character. Like a god like Gilgamesh, he seeks immortality.

Lorenzo Jovanotti

Despite his manly vices, when the ball was at his feet, he forgot everything. The gods are pardoned in everything, they are the ones who make life turn inside of us, and make us feel aliveThe. They make you forget about the disasters of their own lives, there is magic, which only a few have. Diego was incredible. I saw the movie Sorrentino, great. “

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