“Dilmi” is the new program of Gianrico Caroviglio

Delmy, the new program created and moderated by writer Gianrico Caroviglio, arrives Monday, May 2 at 11.15pm. Six episodes late into the evening, where you face a different dilemma each time. Topics that affect everyday life: Is commitment an obligation? Do we always have to tell the truth? Is it ethical to continue eating meat? With perversions that are directly related to reality, such as the law of euthanasia, the legalization of cannabis, and addiction to social networks. On Cavalleria Rusticana’s notes in a jazz version, the dilemmas were discussed and deepened by two guests from the worlds of culture, art, and science. To ensure a civil debate, the rules are precise: it is forbidden to attack the person; It is forbidden to manipulate the arguments of others; Mandatory to provide evidence of their allegations. The conclusion of the episode will be entrusted to actress Lila Costa, who will perform with a monologue linked to the episode’s dilemma.
First Date Guests, Giulia Inosense and Oscar Farinetti.
Is it okay to kill other animals for food? The debate is often characterized by extreme ideological approaches. Sometimes the impression is that it is not respect for animals that prevails, but the alleged moral superiority of those who decide not to eat products of animal origin more than carnivores. For their part, omnivorous nutritionists remember that humans always eat meat and fish and that this is a natural behavior. In fact, the reference to nature may be misleading. Epidemics are normal, earthquakes are normal, and floods are normal. Neanderthals had to eat other animals to survive. For us, eating without meat – and even without fish – is not only dangerous to life, but also to health. So we choose to eat other animals. Meat production is responsible for 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and replacing meat with plant protein would reduce potential global warming by up to 80 percent. Perhaps it is enough to reduce meat consumption rather than eliminate it completely. Therefore, there is nothing simple, and nothing taken for granted in the dilemma of whether or not to eat animals.
Dilemmi is a program by Gianrico Carofiglio, Pietro Galeotti, Ivan Carrozzi and Francesca Santolini. Executive producer: Mercuzio Mencucci. Directed by Giuseppe Bianchi.

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