Friends 21, LDA and Rudy Zerbi having a fight? / Stop following each other online, scenarios

Amici 21, LDA does not follow Rudy Zurbi via social media

The 6th evening of Amici 21 He made a decision to eliminate the talent of LDA, which was objected to by many loyal viewers of the talent of Canale 5, and at the same time the son of Gigi D’Alessio He returns to the center of media attention for strange details emerging from his personal social channels and not only his own, but also those of his talented mentor, Rudi Zerbi. Well, according to what appears on the web it seems – May 1st- Rudy is not among the followers of the account and its contacts LDA On Instagram the 19-year-old is not among the followers and follows on the same social profile as the singing teacher. However, as evidenced by LDA’s Instagram profile, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Naples follows, among other profiles, that of school teacher Lorella Cuccarini, who recently ended up at the center of a web controversy for being questioned In the talent of the gloved young man on Elisa’s notes.

Every additional social thing specific to Amici 21 would suggest a certain bitterness is in progress between LDA and Rudy Al-Zorbiwhich could have exploded on the occasion of the La Baranza affair, or Daniele Silvestri’s commissioning of the piece on the organized crime of the Son of Art and to Calma, in which the 19-year-old quarrels with his colleague among the most contrasting decisive words, to the point of unleashing a harsh reprimand intended for them by a teacher singing.

Latest data from LDA to Amici 21

Pending confirmation or refusal by LDA and rudy Zerbi regarding gossip about their alleged troubled relationships, in the first press post after Amici 21, released to and turnsLDA had the opportunity and time to trace the notable stages of his course conducted at the famous school, without sparing positive phrases: “Friends have given me the opportunity to be Luca, I have been out already, but not for everyone. I think he has given me this tremendous opportunity to introduce Luca to many People. You gave me friends, many, wonderful people, and made me older and more mature. Then it gave me a sense of work and improved me as a person and as an artist. Very, very much.”

And there’s no shortage of references to the dark periods Amish 21 went through, in a post-elimination intervention by Amici 21: “Then there was a point where she died. Because that’s advice I want to give to the kids for next year as well as to the kids who are still here. No. You never think about what’s out there and don’t eat away at the memories and maybe feel guilt for things you weren’t able to do before.”

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