How to burn 3,000 calories at home without exercise: the sexy figure

How to burn 3 thousand calories at home without exercise: the sexy figure. Crazy how much you can burn doing just this job.

House Cleaning (Pixabay)

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As “” points out, burning calories at home is possible just by doing this task. It sounds really hard to believe, but the study will confirm this hypothesis: Housework helps burn a lot of calories. It sounds like a joke but the study that was conducted seems to confirm it: Housework is a magic potion to get rid of it, let’s see how and why.

For those who don’t have a lot of time to devote to the gym or to sports in general, or those who simply don’t like exercising, they can focus on chores to try to lose weight. How would you say? Well, according to some studies, doing housework will help a lot in burning calories, up to 3000 calories without doing any physical exercise.

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How to burn 3000 calories at home by exercising

Cleaning the house burns calories
House Cleaning (Pixabay)

Research by ‘’ has reported that household chores are an unexpected ally against excess fat. The same reveals that a person can burn about 2,700 calories per week, which is really incredible considering that burning around 500 calories takes hours per day. The data was collected in a study of nearly 2,000 adults, entirely devoted to this activity.

The site also provides some examples of home practice with the attached calorie data: a ten-minute broom will burn about 37 calories, which would be about 9 thousand per year. 50 calories for ironing for at least 20 minutes, laundry equals 42 calories. Make the bed 23 calories, 26 to clean the dishes.

If we take into account one hour and ten minutes of housework, then this study states that the calories burned will be about 215. Among other things, gardening has also been studied, with 142 calories burned in about 38 minutes. Therefore, if compared to a week, when you perform all these practices, you burn a huge amount of calories, as long as you do not overeat in an inappropriate way that “undoes” all the work that you previously did.

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