Identification of the first Russian suspected of committing massacres in Bucha

Sergei Kolotsi, of Belarusian origin, was a unit commander of the Russian National Guard. According to investigators, he is accused of killing four unarmed men on March 18 and torturing another civilian on March 29.

The victims were found with their hands tied behind their backs and a hood over their heads. “There are also signs of torture on the body,” the public prosecutor said. “One of his victims was also forced under torture to confess subversive activities against the Russians and to do this – says Irina Venediktova – brutally beat the man with a pistol grip.” Furthermore, the prosecutor continues, “He also pretended to carry out the death sentence by pointing the weapon at his temple and then firing a bullet near his ear.” On social media, pictures of Sergei Kolotsi bent on raiding a warehouse spread.

These will be just some of the horrific incidents that occurred in Bucha. Several civilians were found dead in the street, probably killed during the withdrawal of the Russian army. Instead, the Kremlin described the “Bucha massacre” as false news created by Ukrainian propaganda. Many international observers who say they have clear evidence of massacres of civilians are also of different opinions. Several mass graves were found with hundreds of bodies.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, during a visit to Bucha immediately after the liberation, spoke of a “genocide” perpetrated by the Russians and promised his people that none of the guilty would go unpunished. Sergey Kolotsi is the first official name of Butcha butchers to be blacklisted by Ukrainians.

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