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Russian banker Tinkov forced to sell his shares after criticism of the war

Russian oligarch Oleg Tinkov said he was forced to sell his bank shares after his harsh criticism of the “crazy war” in Ukraine, which was opposed by “90% of Russians”. “I couldn’t argue with the price,” he told the New York Times. “It was like being a hostage. You take what they offer. I couldn’t negotiate.” Tinkoff said he had to sell his 35 percent stake in Tinkoff Bank, which he founded, for a few “kopecks”. The banker says that the buyer, the oligarch Vladimir Potanin, near the Kremlin, paid 3% of the real value. He added that the Kremlin also threatened to nationalize Tinkoff Bank if it did not sever all ties with its founder. Tinkov, who has lived abroad for years, said he hired bodyguards after friends warned him that the Kremlin wanted to kill him, causing them to end up like many of the oligarchs recently found dead with family members.

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