Men and women, paparazzi photographers Ida Platano kissing a man

Ida Platano And Ricardo Guarnieri The fans have aroused with men and womenwith starting dating inside .’s dating show Maria de Filippi Then it became a love story that lived in the spotlight while taking the throne. A relationship in which the ups and downs were never missing, until the last breakup.

In recording April 29, the couple returned to talk about it. In recent episodes there seemed to be some possibility of a rapprochement between the former couple, so much so that in the last taping on Friday afternoon, the two managed to clarify. Ricardo He said that the person with Ida is now just friendship. She didn’t have the same opinion there plane treewho said she heard something else and still seemed very busy.

He will do everything to recoverRicardo? From the reports we received we can say… No! At least not now! In fact, Ida was a paparazzi while kissing another man. Here is what we got:

Hi, it’s about Ida, she was at a club in Brescia called Areadocks. He didn’t see it well, and I don’t know if it was from the salon. They kissed quietly in front of everyone, without problems. The place was crowded and they had no problems.

All accompanied by a video that leaves no room for imagination: Ida Platano Now his head is occupied with something else .. or rather something else!

How would he react Ricardo? He’ll keep proclaiming perfect friendship or showing that he’s jealous of her Ida? and the plane tree Will he introduce his new acquaintance to the public? Meanwhile, we look forward to…

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