MotoGP, Suzuki to leave at the end of 2022: retire from the World Championship

Exciting news at Jerez: Suzuki will leave the world championship at the end of the season, after winning the 2020 Drivers’ World Championship which it has been missing for 20 years. Both riders Mir and Raines and team boss Livio Suppo were surprised. Hamamatsu House will release an official statement tomorrow

Paulo Ianieri

– Milan

News broke at Jerez when test day was over and teams were dismantling the pits and locking up bikes in the boxes for Le Mans: Suzuki will retire at the end of the season. An amazing decision, which will be made officially tomorrow with a press release from House of Hamamatsu, surprising everyone, first of all, Livio Suppo, drivers Joan Mir and Alex Rins, as well as all the players on the team. They were caught by surprise and the news was relayed to them during an extraordinary group meeting at the end of the day.

Suzuki, Mir and Rinse

Only tomorrow, reading the press release, will we understand the reasons for Suzuki’s sudden but also incomprehensible farewell, given that two years ago Mir returned to Japan a title that had been missing for 20 years, and this season both he and Reigns are constantly vying for the top positions. was the first to give the news, but confirmation came shortly after also from several team members, who were shocked by the decision.

Farewell to the former Suzuki

This is the second time it has left Suzuki’s MotoGP: first at the end of 2012, and then back in 2015 under David Preview. Clearly going off the stage would have a ripple effect on the driver market as well, because both Mir and Rins would have to find another team. And if the official Honda becomes for Mir at this point the logical destination, as the world champion is likely to go to join Marc Marquez instead of Paul Espargaro, because at the moment the road is more complicated even if he is a rider of his talent. He will definitely find a place in a great team. But in whose place?

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