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Anna Mazamoro It represents a piece of the history of Italian cinema and theater. Known to the general public for his interpretation of Miss Sylvani In the movie series on Fantozzi AccountantToday, the actress is 83 years old and lives in Rome. interview by Corriere della SeraMazamoro talked about the connection with Paulo Villagio, which has always been confined to the professional field. “Have we ever become friends? – Revealed the actress – When I asked him why we weren’t dating, he replied, “I just hang out with the rich and famous.”

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“I never knew when he was joking or when he showed the hardest side of his personality – added Mazzamauro – like all very intelligent people, Paulo knew how to be tough. In addition, it must be taken into account that he showed up quite late, at about the age of forty: A touch of resentment prevailed over all that he had to overcome before success.” Then the actress told an anecdote about Villaggio, connected to an episode that happened shortly before his death: “He was already in a wheelchair, and we went to the living room at the TV. Barbara Dorso To say Fantasy. When the host asked him how he chose me, he was not upset and answered: How to choose the toilet?“.

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It didn’t take long for Mazamoro to reply: “I then answered him dryly: ‘But with this toilet I’ve won a lot.’ He didn’t reply. We left the TV studios. I walked, took out my checkbook and said, ‘Can we be friends now?’ He didn’t speak For a few minutes, then he looked at me and said: ‘How much you are beautiful’. These were the last words Paul said to me and I understood all his greatness, and perhaps his humanity was hidden beneath an apparent cruelty. We are actors, we are always acting, said Mazamoro.

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