Skin cancer, 20-30% hidden on the neck and head, difficult to see – medicine

The often black, red or pink spot hidden in the hair should not be underestimated.
Although the head and neck account for only 9% of the body’s surface, they host between 20% and 30% of cases of melanoma, a highly aggressive skin cancer. If there is an additional chance of initially identifying it in those with little hair, then when melanoma of the scalp is often fatal, precisely because it is so difficult to identify.
However, hairstylists and barbers can also contribute. This is explained by the Italian melanoma group (Imi) that launches a call to work as a team for early diagnosis.
“Hairdressers and beauticians – confirms Ignazio Stanganilli, president of IMI and director of the Irccs Istituto Romagnolo Skin Cancer Unit for the Study of Oncology – can highlight the presence of any suspicious lesions, suggesting that the person in question performs a skin examination.” That’s why, says Gianni Pasoli, Head Hair Stylists at Cna (National Federation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises), “We believe it is important to inform and educate them about this so that they can gain useful basic knowledge to identify any anomalies and report them to your customer immediately” . “It is necessary to break the taboo and speak frankly – adds Giovanna Nero, president of AIMa.Me, Skin and Skin Cancer Patients Association. Not to be afraid to report something wrong and to have the courage to push the client to do so – a specialist check, but whoever receives the alert should be humble in listening.”
More common among the elderly than among the young, scalp cancer affects six times more men than women. The average age of patients is 65 years, approximately 10 years older than patients with melanoma localized to the trunk or extremities. This is likely due to the higher incidence of alopecia areata and higher UV damage to the scalp.

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