The company you asked to shut down wants to offer its own

An unexpected development arises in the case of Close esports rooms and local networks All over Italy, given that Led groupthrough which the provision of customs agency and state monopolies has been initiated, will also have the intention Bring computers and consoles into their rooms Game.

After exposure to ADM Lombardia, a Sergio Melici interrogated himCEO of the Led Group, which operates rooms with “coin-operated devices allowing cash winnings”, slot rooms and the like, to offer the possibility to play “esports” and “esports” over competitive video games on its premises.

To summarize: In recent days, Milesi has submitted a file Exhibited at the Customs and Government Monopolies Agencyin which he noted that new esports and LAN rooms, which are essentially places where users can devote themselves to video games on PC and consoles, and pay the price of entry, are not structured in front of any cash winnings.

E-Sports Palace in Bergamo

Upon accepting the request, ADM has blocked all rooms of this type, leaving only any active connected bars, waiting to find a possible organization of these activities or to evaluate their work in the respective area.

However, what seemed like a simple trick competition blockproves to be Lied’s own way to test the waters, given that the new ruling introduced in recent days shows how the Melici group intends to devote itself to those activities it has just banned.

As stated in the text of the document submitted to ADM, the company intends to “expand its offering by creating a space within its headquarters where install stations Providing computers, driving simulators and other equipment to customers to practice “E-Sports” in competitive video games.

The document goes into great detail, and talks about the possibility of creating zones with computers and consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, allowing users to use these platforms when paying a flat rate to access the station. These may be based on games like RTS, MOBA, FPS, Battle Royale, trading card games, and sports video games, it was reported.

It is also interesting to note that in interpello the idea was put forward that Led Srl does not need to be obtained commissioning clearance Of these new activities and that it is not even necessary to pay the tax on entertainment, due to the regularity of all devices for the “legitimate game” as indicated in the articles dedicated to TULPS.

At this point, ADM has 90 days to respond to Milesi and his company’s request, and it will be interesting to follow the developments of the matter as well to see how the state of other esports halls, which in the meantime should remain closed, will evolve.

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