The couple is hiding, but it’s no longer needed


The Argentine showgirl and the Neapolitan captain allowed themselves a sweet and romantic weekend in the capital of Campania

“See you, like many separated parents, for our son Santiago.” It is pronounced like this Stefano Di Martino A few months ago, after the paparazzi were at the airport with Belen RodriguezFresh from breaking up with Antonino Spinalbes. Few believed in the words of the conductor of Campania who tried in vain to downplay the fact that something important was being reborn with the showgirl. Time did everything else: Bello and Stefano continued to take each other seriously, as evidenced by several hits. The scenes were captured now in those in Milan, now in those in Brescia, in a very luxurious resort, Albereta, the love nest where they often resort to detachment from the Milan trams.

Now Beilin and Di Martino no longer deny the return of the flame (also because it is not advisable to deny a real and real situation). However, they continued to hide. It comes down to saying that it is no longer needed because now everything is clear: Ex-spouses are no longer ex, Passion took hold again. More confirmation in this sense has come in the last few hours: the Argentine and Judge Amici have given themselves a romantic trip to Naples, between the sea and good food.

They first ventured out on a boat excursion, then took refuge in Rosiello, a delicious restaurant Posillipo. Photos of the couple were not disclosed on social networks, but the apparent “pinches” took steps to reveal the movements of the two lovebirds.

Belen and Stefano in Posillipo

Belen and Stefano are in love in Naples, the children are at home with their grandparents

And Santiago and Luna Maro (daughter of Rodriguez with Spinalbese)? Their maternal grandparents take care of the young, Veronica Kozani and Gustavo Rodriguezwho recently completed his experiment inFamous Island (He participated in the reality show with his son Jeremias, who has already been eliminated from the game.) Grandparents and grandchildren in Milan while Father Stefano and Mother Belen live moments with a high rate of sweetness in those in Naples; Moments that will undoubtedly be useful in promoting Reunion passionate. A former Argentine student with Amici entangled in love intrigues again, good luck!

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