The May 1 concert “In Action for Peace,” a fake phone call from Putin to Lundini announces the end of the war. Mingoni pays homage to Dylan and Fagnoni sings the Barque about the death of eggs

To work for peace. After two years without an audience, the May 1st Concerton returned with a hymn against the war, against the Russian invasion of Ukraine and with Ambra Angiolini moving to the 5th conductor (this time with Pogo), thanks to Piazza San Giovanni who “has come back to life” to remind us that “liberty and work” “It belongs to everyone. Then, two and three and everyone shouts: “Peace.” “But bombs – adds the on-stage announcer – are not the only ones that kill in action.”

More than fifty artists in line-up for the long marathon organized by the Confederates, from Bandabardò with Cisco to Marco Mengoni, made their debut at Concertone. From Lista’s representative in Barbarossa with Extraliscio, to Valerio Lundini with I VazzaNikki. Then Le Vibrazioni, Ornella Vanoni and Carmen Consoli with Marina Rei. CGIL, CISL and UIL emphasize that “the concert on May 1, 2022 takes on a deep and symbolic meaning: facing the present to face the future with responsibility, vision and hope. A kind of collective story, a story crossed by a lot of music, but also with shared words and emotions.” The entrances were closed due to the expected maximum capacity being reached (yesterday the unions spoke of 300,000 people).

On May 1, Imagine and Tears of Umbra: The Great Concert Between War and Covid

It’s up to Go-A to unlock the Kyiv band that represented Ukraine last year in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. They sing “Imagine,” the timeless piece by John Lennon that has become the anthem of the anti-war movement. The beginning of the song was preceded by the text words spoken in different languages.

May 1, Ukrainian group Go_A: “Being on the Concertone Theater hurts if a war breaks out in your country”

Valerio Lundini pretends to have a phone call with Putin: “Thank you, I will stop the war”
On stage in Piazza San Giovanni comes the surreal comedy of Valerio Lundini who plays I VazzaNikki. “Only music can save us from the imminent outbreak of world war, with these words we have stopped the artillery fire with these poems.” The song stops and the fake Putin declares that thanks to their words he is convinced to say enough war. “Sorry, I’m calling from the Russian Federation, I’m the president, it’s important, it’s news.” “Who are you?” asks Lundini. “I think I already said it, President of the Russian Federation, and I think the song you sang was addressed to me.” “Yes, as much as you do in Ukraine.” “I heard your very original words and concepts. Thanks to you I chose to stop the war.” “We didn’t believe it, but we guys did, so it’s true that something can be done with the songs.”

Mayday, Lundini and Putin’s fake phone call to announce the end of the war

Ricardo Yacona tells “The Russians” to Sting
“It was 1985 and after 10 years of détente between the US and the Soviet Union, the tension increased again, we were talking about war again and Sting told everyone’s concern with this song, and he wondered how to keep his son away from all of this.” Journalist Ricardo Iacona took to the stage on May 1 to the tunes of “Rossi” and remembers the period when the song was born, then speaks today: “War is not the solution, war cannot be won and if they say no I don’t believe it. The answer is to be human and to love your children.” He said Gino Strada that the only truth of war are the victims. The Pope described the war as a sacrilegious scandal against God. We must work for peace before war breaks out, not after, and after it breaks out We must work for a cease-fire: this is our job these days, and this is work Europe. Either he succeeds or Europe will be defeated forever.”

Ornella Vanoni Chico De Buarque sings about the white dead
On the stage in Piazza San Giovanni, Ornella Fagnoni first went up: “It’s been so long that I wanted to come to the 1st of May, but they always said to me: ‘It’s not for you.’ So I brought the Chico Buarque de Hollanda song about death White, sure not sexy, it’s not rock or funk, but it’s definitely an important song.Since the beginning of the year 200 workers have died, now everything has to be done quickly, life is not valuable anymore, scaffolding is made without care and crumbles like the ones that smashed A boy a few days ago. And then the workers have bad working hours. At the end of this song about dying people you won’t clap for me when you listen to songs you like, but it’s a great song.”

Mengoni and Bob Dylan tribute
He was one of the most anticipated artists. Marco Mingoni arrived at the concert with a set of his songs and a surprise: “When I thought I was going to reach May 1, this song came up right away. An important song for everyone. It’s “Blowin’ in the Wind,” Bob Dylan’s peaceful manifesto. “I hope, he says, that wars can one day be swept away by the winds.”

Big Mama’s physical body
“They shouted at me fat, but look how cool I am.” Music can help fight bullying BigMama, one of Italy’s most popular rap voices, is taking advantage of her May Day concert to continue her fight against discrimination. “If I, as a little girl, had had a rapper, singer, with the same physical shape who didn’t care about everything they said to her, I probably would have paid attention too.” At the registry office, 22-year-old Mariana Mamouni decided to fight back with a healthy dose of humor, “For me, that’s key, I was born self-deprecating and I’m going to die like this. You’ve always served me—and continues—when I was a child I used to self-defense, I bothered myself.” Before I was bullied. Today I use it as a provocation and also because I think sunny and funny people are the best people and I want to be a nice person. And for her, the audience sings Loredana Berti’s song in the chorus: “You’re beautiful.”

Labor Day, Big Mom and the message against bullies: They told me: You’re nasty. And the box sings “You’re beautiful”

Wheelchair design to fight multiple sclerosis
“My will for the future of young people is to have a little lightness. We often fear what will happen to us tomorrow. It also happens that we do not live fully today. So I’d like a little lightness to deal with all the bad things that can happen to us.” 1MNext contest winner Mel, singer-songwriter said this after sitting backstage at the Concertone in Piazza San Giovanni, in a design chair created by designer Derek Castiglioni starting with re Rotating a wheelchair The presence of the chair behind the scenes at Concertone is part of an awareness campaign on the fight against multiple sclerosis, implemented by Novartis in collaboration with AISM – Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association Onlus.

Mr. Ren committed suicide
Before singing “Chrysalidi”, Mattia Ballardi, nicknamed Mr. Rayne, remembered three boys: Mathieu, Aaron, Chantal. These three men have one thing in common: they succumbed to the weight of depression and decided to commit suicide. The bad thing about fighting with ourselves and with our fears is that no matter how much we drown, we always think we can do it on our own. But fighting alone is like trying to get out into quicksand, the more you try to escape, the more you drown. Mental health is just as important as physical health. And from personal experience, do not be afraid, asking for help does not make you weak, but rather it is an act of strength. Asking for help is an act of courage, not cowardice.”

Normal life, peace and work: the May Day party returns to Piazza San Giovanni

Fidez’s sarcasm: I lost my invitation
“Happy May 1st and Happy Concerton to all.” Fedez sent a salute and then ironically on his Instagram Stories noting his participation in the 2021 edition of the gala on May 1 accompanied by an outpouring of controversy: “I would have liked to have been there but I think my invitation was lost.”

Faldoni, protests and fines: how the May 1st Concerton was born

Artists on stage in Piazza San Giovanni



Jiro Rikyu, winner of the ANAS competition



MIRA, 1M NEXT 2022 Winner

Mel, winner of the 1M NEXT 2022

Ramona flowers


big mama

Claver Gold

he is



Angelina Mango

Mr. Is raining


Didi with Cavilat








Valerio Lundini and Vasaniki

List representative

Max Bezale



Ornella Fanoni

Notre Dame de Paris with Riccardo Cocciante

Marco Mingoni

Carmen Consoli

Thomas’s Paradise



Luca Barbarossa with EXTRALISCIO

Mara saty


Fabrizio Moro

Enrico Ruggieri


Ice with Joan Thiel, Veneros, Gemitis, and Colabis

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