The severe trauma delayed the fracture process.

I have to have an EVA operation tomorrow morning

. And they didn’t do it right away because the severe trauma affected the spleen which affected some of the currently high blood values.”

Roberto Alessi

director of Novella 2000, who informs an audience”

Five in the afternoon

“On the health conditions of

Eva Henger

who participated on April 29 with her husband

Massimiliano Caroletti,

In a serious car accident in


Where the passengers of the other car lost their lives.

She has had panic attacks in the past

The news of the death of the other two passengers, a 68-year-old woman and a 71-year-old man, shocked her very much,” Alessi talks about the psychological conditions of the showgirl who will have to undergo several surgeries afterwards. She broke her arm, heel and femur.

On the other hand, the husband should not be subjected to any interference

. “He broke his chest bone, not from hitting the other car – but from the fireman’s heart massage because his heart stopped,” the reporter said.

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