The words about Alessandra Celentano make everyone laugh

at Episode 7 from friends Aired last night, Saturday 30th April, we saw it all. The competitor Whoever had to leave school was the dancer Ambassador After a few hours of exclusion, he spoke about his condition expertise within the programme. Let’s find out what he said.

Who is Nunzio Stancampiano?

Nunzio Stancampiano She is a young dancer, born in 2003 in the town of Adrano near Catania. he have brother Younger than him is named Andrea and he is 15 years old. Nunzio begins transporting his children steps Dancing at only 5 years old and for a long time student latin america in school Raimondo Todaro.

Since he was a little kid he participated in it Competitions Important by winning many races. An example of this is the year 2019 in which he reached the final European Championships. introduces himself to samples from friends In September 2021, but loses against Mattia. last next a infection He will have to drop out of school and the teacher will propose Todaro to Nunzio replace it. This is how it enters February 2022.

Nunzio has always been a very young boy impulsive And set to achieve its objectives. This personal aspect has led him more than once to To answer Instinctively, but admitted to having it I learned Many thanks to school friends. After the judiciary yesterday evening, Saturday 30 April, some were released formulations that swayed the audience. That’s what he said.

Nunzio’s outburst after the elimination

last week Ambassador Stancampiano arrives on the ballot against the Napoli singer LDA and they went out winner. Last night, once again, he had to face the final match against Sunrise. But this time, he got out of it beaten. After he was eliminated, he told a little about his way around the school and then spent some beautiful words about his teachers.

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In particular referred to the teacher Celentano This gesture from him surprised all of them. In fact, remember that the teacher always has it Criticize And always grew up controversy on the dancer. But Nunzio has a favour That this path helped him grow, not only from a technical point of view, but also on a personal level. He described himself as a bold and impulsive boy, but thanks to the teachings of his professors I learned very.

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In particular, Alessandra Celentano was very much bad (The dancer’s words) towards her but at the same time she is the one who has Know Furthermore. He also admitted that if he found duty It was only thanks to her that she did not want to give him the win. In this he manages to soften this difficult and impulsive side of the character. he finished to thank Also his mentor of all time, Raimundo Todaro, is considered second the father.

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