Ukraine Russia, today’s news about the war | Mariupol, resumed evacuation from Azovstal. More explosions in Belgorod. Tinkov punished the billionaire who criticized Putin

from Lorenzo Cremonese, Jose Fasano, Marta Serafini

Monday May 2 news on the war in Ukraine, live: Today a new attempt to evacuate civilians from the area of ​​the Azovstal steel plant. New explosions on Russian soil in Belgorod

• The war in Ukraine has reached its sixty-seventh day.

Yesterday there was a new evacuation of civilians from Mariupol: about 100 people left Azovstal Steel Works. Will try again this morning. But during the night, the bombing resumed.

• Valerige Gerasimov, the supreme military commander of Russia, surprisingly, last weekend, in Ukraine, narrowly escaped an attack.
• Several explosions were heard in Belgorod, Russia: Moscow forces targeted air targets – possibly Ukrainian drones.
• Russian Foreign Minister Sergey LavrovAnd he threatened last night on TV: Italy is in the front row among those who embrace and strengthen anti-Russian sanctions. For us it was a surprise.
• Oleg Tinkov, a former oligarch who criticized the war, told the New York Times that he was forced to sell shares of the bank he founded by force.

08:40 am – Evacuation resumes from Azovstal to Mariupol

Resumed this morning at 7 local time Civilian evacuation plan from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol In southern Ukraine. The plan was developed by the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross and plans to bring civilians to Zaporizhia.

write it on independent Kyiv Quoting the Mariupol City Council explaining that evacuation buses leave from Port City Mall.

08:31 – The true story of the Russian oil embargo and the US-European rupture

(Federico Fobini) It is very likely that the European Commission will present its proposal to governments on Tuesday The sixth package, in just two months, of sanctions against Moscow.

Then the issue of mailmbargo on Russian oil It will be officially on the table for the first time. Germany has already announced its willingness to take this step, albeit gradually. However, the conversations of the past few days of contacts between senior figures in Western governments have also opened up other possibilities.

The truth, confirmed for Corriere della Sera From three different sources requested anonymity, which There was a little rupture – secret and silent – with the United States. This does not mean that you will not leave any scars for the future. It all begins on April 20 and 21, when the G7 finance ministers gather in Washington during the IMF’s Spring Meetings. There are delegations from the main European countries, the United States and Canada, of course (here is the full article).

08:08 – Stories of 100 civilians evacuated from Mariupol steel plant to BBC

I can not believe that. Two months of darkness. Natalia Usmanova smiles and puts her hands on her face. You are among about 100 civilians who were yesterday Evacuated from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol His testimony was recorded in a video of BBC

We didn’t see sunlight anymore, and we were terrified, continues the woman who spoke to reporters in the village of Benzymin, in Russian-controlled eastern Ukraine. When we got on the bus, I said to my husband: Don’t we have to go to the bathroom with a flashlight anymore?The woman says: and not having to use a bag or basket as a toilet and as a flashlight.

We went there (to Azovstal) to our free choice, like factory workers, to save ourselves, explaining the woman again, her hair tied, a yellow quilt and two big bags in her hands, while in the video the manuscript of the evacuation of the Russian Ministry of Defense is depicted. When we realized that they were getting closer to us and we became more and more afraid, we tried to leave. We learned about humanitarian corridors and evacuations. But we didn’t succeedhe goes.

And when the bombing started, I thought my heart would stop and I wouldn’t survive. He remembers that the bombardment was very strong and began to strike near us. At the exit of the air raid shelter at the top of the stairs You can’t breathe because there wasn’t enough oxygen. I was also afraid to go out and get some fresh air. He concludes that I was also afraid to pop my nose.

07:56 am: Ex-football player Favasori returns home

Ivan Luca FavasoriThe 29-year-old former footballer who left for Ukraine where he enlisted as a volunteer in the International Brigades to fight alongside the Kyiv army, wants to return to Italy. He himself announced this in a story published in Spanish on his Instagram profile.

I’m totally tired – he writes – for me. It’s time to go home, I no longer have the mind to move on. I did everything I could to help. I put my time and my life at the disposal of the Ukrainian people, and now it’s time to take my life back. I go back to where I feel happy and I come back to take back all that is mine. Things have changed a lot since I left, but I am sure that I will achieve my goals with God’s help. She ranks first in it, and concludes with a clear reference to the woman. Vavasori also posted a photo showing inside a plane and a skylight.

07:30 – British point: 30 out of 120 battalions sent by Russia at the start of the war were neutralized

In an update this morning by the British Minister of Defense, it is indicated that 30 battalions out of 120 sent by Russia at the beginning of the war were neutralized, with huge losses in the ranks of the special forces: in particular, to repair the latter. Russia will take years.

06:51 – Trump: With me in the White House, Putin would not have invaded Ukraine

Former US President Donald Trump He remembers in Nebraska, where he spoke to hundreds of his supporters, who were with him at the White House Russian President Vladimir Putin would never have invaded Ukraine. He added that Putin saw weakness. He saw incompetence in the Biden administration. Not only. Trump also requested a cognitive test for Biden. The organization of the ex-president released a video that collects a stammering Biden And the now famous scene in which the president, at the end of the speech, turns to shake hands with a person who does not exist in reality. Biden stands with his hand half hanging, then walks away. Then Trump joked with his supporters that he would Lots of material but we don’t have it all afternoon.

06:35 – Punishment for Tinkov, the billionaire who criticized Putin

Oleg Tinkov knew what he was going to release by pressing the “Publish” button. However, he did: And a few days ago, with a sensational post on Instagram, the former Russian billionaire, founder of Tinkoff Bank, harshly criticized Putin’s war, the military (…, like everything in this country is rotten) and who walks around drawing the Zs: A fool, but fools 10%, 90% of Russians are against war.

Now – speaking for the first time to a Western newspaper after the war began, from an undisclosed location outside Russia – Tinkov told the New York Times that he had to immediately sell the bank’s shares. He established them at a bargain price.

The newspaper reads that the day after the post, the administration of President Putin called him and threatened to nationalize the bank he had created if he did not cut off all contacts with the credit institution. Last week, Tinkov sold 35 percent of the bank’s capital, which he still owns, to a Russian mining billionaire in a desperate sale that was forced upon him. “I couldn’t argue with the price,” he said. “It was like a crisis with the hostages – take what you’re offered. You can’t negotiate”

According to Tinkoff, the sale happened at 3 percent of what I could have made.

Tinkov also said that he had to hire bodyguards after friends with connections in the KGB asked me to go into hiding. I’ve survived leukemia so far, but the Kremlin might kill me.

06:34 – Zelensky: I still hope for the evacuations from Mariupol. There are still dozens of children inside the steel mill

We were finally able to start evacuating people from Azovstal. After several weeks of negotiations, after many attempts, various meetings, people, calls, countries, proposals, I hope that all the conditions necessary to continue the evacuation of people from Mariupol will be met. We plan to start at eight in the morning. Thus said Ukrainian President Zelensky in a video message reported by the Ukrainian Agency Ukrinform. We will continue to do our best to evacuate our people from Azovstal, from Mariupol in general.

Meanwhile, as previously reported, Russian forces resumed bombing the steel factory Mariupol immediately after the evacuation of a group of civilians. As the commander of the Ukrainian National Guard Brigade explains, Denis Schleigain a television interview, at least another round of evacuations is needed to get all civilians out of the factory, recalling how dozens of young children remain inside the steel plant’s bunkers.

06:27 – New explosions in Belgorod, Russia

Two loud explosions were heard In the Russian city of Belgorod (southern border with Ukraine) in the early hours of the day (Mon) wrote a day cable The Interfax news agency quoted the region’s governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov.

Gladkov noted that according to the crisis center, there were no reports of casualties or damage.

Yesterday’s fire at a facility of the Russian Ministry of Defense
It is located in the Belgorod region, about 30 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, as a result of which one local resident was injured and seven houses were destroyed.

According to some sources, today’s explosions may have been caused by a Russian attempt to intercept Ukrainian planes, possibly drones, that overran the Russian city.

06:14 – New York Times: Gerasimov visits the front and survived an attack

Russian Chief of Staff, General Valery Gerasimov, the country’s highest-ranking officer in uniform, visited frontline positions in eastern Ukraine last week in a bid to revitalize the offensive of Moscow’s forces. Reports about The New York TimesCiting Ukrainian and US officials.

According to the sources, Gerasimov survived – Saturday – from a Ukrainian attack on a school used as a military base.
In the Russian-controlled city of Izyum: about 200 soldiers, including at least one general, were killed in the bombing, but Gerasimov had already left for Russia.

According to other sources, which are not currently verified, the senior officer was injured.

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