Vitamin D: deficiency causes hair loss

If you have noticed a loss greater than PoetryAmong the various possible causes, there may be a deficiency Vitamin D. So, are you sure you are getting enough of this vitamin?

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for our health as it provides multiple benefits to different parts of the body. Among this increase immune defenseStrengthening and revitalizing the bones and skin cell growth And create a new one Hair follicles.

Hair follicles are precisely the cellular component necessary for hair growth, so its deficiency leads to the opposite of hair loss. In particular, vitamin D deficiency is associated with a pathological condition, namelyAlopecia areata or incomplete baldness.

How do you take vitamin D?

Vitamin D can be obtained from many food products, especially from animal origin, such as salmon, mackerel or milk. On the other hand, vegetarian or vegan diets do not provide enough of this vitamin and for this reason it is recommended to eat some Supplements.

In fact, even simple exposure to the sun leads our bodies to manufacture a certain amount of vitamin D. Therefore, even a simple daily walk in the streets of your area can be very beneficial for our body because it allows us to synthesize this vitamin. .

Vitamin D helps hair growth

After many studies, it has been proven that at least 600 IU (international units), or 15 mcg of vitamin D. However, this rule is valid only for individuals over the age of one year, while younger children should take a little vitamin D. 400 IU Per day.

If you introduce the recommended amount of Vitamin D into the body, it will be fully capable of providing proper hair growth and bone health at the same time.

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