A Place in the Sun, May 4th Preview: Roberto Ferri, An Unsettling Decision!

Lara and Roberto / Place in the Sun

Lara and Roberto / Place in the Sun

Wednesday 4 May 2022above Rai 3And place in the sun It proposes the result of an announcement and an important announcement …

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So let’s see what happens as:

Raffaele (Patrizio Rispo) can no longer deny himself that he is attracted to Elvira (Giusi Cataldo), the mother of Samuele (Samuele Cavallo).

Roberto Ferri (Ricardo Polizzi Carbonelli) is deeply impressed by the criticisms leveled by Filippo (Michelangelo Tommaso) and Marina (Nina Soldano) for what he did to Chiara (Alessandra Massi). So the man makes an unexpected decision.

Rafael is now at a crossroads. Will marriage to Ornella (Marina Giulia Cavalli) be in danger?

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