Ancelotti says enough: “Real Madrid will be my last team. But in 2026 I would like to coach Canada in the World Cup.”

Close the circuit. However, there is still something missing. Carlo Ancelotti was the most famous coach of the week after becoming the first coach ever to win the trophy in the five major European leagues: Serie A with Milan, first with Chelsea, Ligue 1 with Paris Saint-Germain, Bundesliga with Bayern Munich and now La Liga with Real Madrid Tomorrow he will play the wonderful return match in the semi-final against Manchester City. Enough with the clubs, says Reggiolo Director. He did so in an interview with Prime Video: “I will probably stop after Real Madrid. But if Real Madrid stays here for ten years, I will train for ten years. After that I would like to be with my grandchildren, go on vacation with my wife, there are many Things to do that I left and wanted to do Go to many places I’ve never been to I’ve never been to Australia I’ve never been to Rio de Janeiro Visit my sister often Unfortunately you can’t do all something, and therefore the day I stop, I will have all these things to do.”

Real Madrid wins the Spanish League, Ancelotti’s record: champion in the 5 most important leagues in Europe

by Maurizio Crosetti

“National team? Why not. I would like Canada in the 2026 World Cup”

But something was still missing at the end of the circle. National team and world championship, the 2026 Championship. “But now it’s too early, definitely not for this World Cup. The 2026 World Cup, why not? It could be. I would of course like Canada. Canada has done very well” explains Ancelotti, who is married to Canadian Marianne.

Real Madrid, the obsession of Florentino Perez and the search for the legend of the Bernabéu

by Raffaele R. Riverso

“Benzema will win the Ballon d’Or, not if but”

But at the moment there is only Real, with Karim Benzema playing his best season ever. “One of the characteristics of Benzema and his career has been continuity. He has always progressed, he has never had a career of ups and downs, a career that has always been at high levels. Maybe now he is at the highest level of his career Karim does not go. Coach but does not manage. Karim should use. He manages himself because he is a great professional, very humble, a great player. Karim doesn’t say anything to him, that’s the truth. He solved a lot. Matches for us, he’s been decisive this season – he admits Ancelotti – at the moment he is one of the most famous players in the world and he keeps His great humility, and I think that is his strength. But you don’t win only for Benzema, there is a strong structure for a strong club, the quality of a high-level team. The Ballon d’Or? No condition, I think he will win it.” And if Mbappe should also arrive, no problem: “In general, good players play …”.

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