Bad odor from dirty armpits and ears, as well as bad breath from the tongue even after washing, can depend on these common mistakes we make and we can also solve them with these remedies

The pandemic has changed our relationship with cleanliness. Not that we’ve never been clean before, but there is definitely a different frequency and attention than in the past. The fear of contracting the virus inevitably leads us to be more cautious.

However, our concern for cleaning does not always translate into a guaranteed result. Sometimes, without knowing it, we mistake the way we wash ourselves. It also puts our health at risk. In fact, the smell of dirty armpits and ears can haunt us even after washing them due to the mistakes we make. It is better for us to correct it.

We must learn to correct these mistakes

When we wash our armpits, feet, and the whole body, it’s easy to think we’re doing it right. However, this is not always the case. The armpits, for example, especially now that they’re much warmer, are many people’s Achilles’ heels. It is enough to go on public transport in the morning to be overwhelmed by the most embarrassing smells.

The disadvantage is not only sweat, but also the bacteria responsible for the unpleasant smell. Not only that: hormonal changes or clothes made of synthetic fabrics are also carriers of that smell. Let’s avoid them. We should spend more time washing our armpits, not just a few seconds. First of all, with plenty of water to remove the nightly residue. Then with soap, preferably anti-bacterial. Finally, make sure to dry it well so as not to leave it wet. An ideal medium for bacteria.

As for the navel and the importance of its cleanliness, we have already discussed with ProiezionidiBorsa how to do it in the best way.

Bad odor from dirty armpits and ears, as well as bad breath from the tongue even after washing, can depend on these common mistakes we make and we can also solve them with these remedies

The feet are often neglected. When you shower, there are those who don’t wash them until they think the water, when it’s low, does the job for us. However, it is a big mistake for the fungi, germs and bacteria that may inhabit us. In addition to daily cleaning with soap, we must always carefully dry them between the fingers. This is to prevent the formation of moisture, which is also a source of unpleasant odor. Moreover, we should also clean under the nails and not only when we go for a pedicure.

Another big mistake is not cleaning the tongue. Not surprisingly, toothbrushes have rubbery wavy shapes. Not for the sake of beauty, but precisely to allow us to sanitize the tongue. In fact, bad breath can depend on you too, and it is best that we do not limit ourselves to brushing our teeth.

Nails generally require special cleaning. How often do we touch the face and mouth with our fingers unintentionally? Many and all of them are at risk of transmitting bacteria. Bacteria on the nails can cause us a lot of problems. So we must learn how to clean it with a stick that we will immerse in water and baking soda. And what about the ears? Not only earwax, but also the ear must be carefully cleaned. Let’s do this with a little cotton soaked in pH-neutral detergent.

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If we have a cheese navel, then it is not only about poor hygiene, but if we feel pain, it is better not to underestimate this discomfort.

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