Cassano vs Allegri: “I love Vlahovic, he hasn’t shot on goal in three games”

also Antonio Cassanoduring the last episode of BoboTVstrongly criticized Massimiliano Allegri: “They say you can’t turn him away because he earns 10 million. But I say they should do it for this very reason. But do you see what it is? Being able to take fourth place. Velhovich to me he became kind without knowing it, poor thing: In four months he scored six goals for Juventus. In Fiorentina he scored seventeen. His enthusiasm also fails, and one of them says that the midfielders do not give him the ball. They are trying to clear him. Allegri again, but it is possible that a young striker, one of the best players of twenty In the world, he hasn’t shot on goal in three games.”

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