Corvino: “An investigation must be opened into Contini. His antics prevented us from getting first class on Saturday”

The first part of the press conference of Lecce Technical Director Pantalio Corvino, who returned to the facts of Vicenza.

the reasons. This press conference aims to provide some introductions from which conclusions can be drawn regarding what has happened in recent days. However, I would say that our attention is entirely on the present and on Friday’s commitment. We want to do everything we can to win the championship and the first division that we fully deserve. If the fans see us talking about something other than Pordenone, then there is nothing to worry about, because we and the team are completely focused on Friday’s game, especially the team that yesterday, despite the optional training, was fully functional.”

No to fire. We condemn and affirm all forms of violence, including a single firecracker if thrown near other people. We also owe a firecracker thrown for joy off the pitch, under a parapet, because there are other ways to rejoice. We encourage a culture of jubilation in other forms, so that even if you repeatedly set off fireworks in this way, there is no danger that it might harm someone because it has reached beyond barriers, far from anyone.”

No explanations. “I confirm that there was no guesswork by Vicenza or any agent. We can’t even think that what happened could have been studied by a club I know very well and I know how true it is.”

Contini is unfair. “Every Sunday in every stadium in the world we live firecrackers. We condemn them, but the fact is that they are everywhere and that elsewhere you don’t see such long pauses of a firecracker being fired under the barricades for joy. The fireworks were emphasized, but they weren’t Those are the ones that changed the game, we’ll see if she was a fan or not.However, what was a spectacle, or rather antics that changed the game that made us win deservedly and in Serie A we were celebrating today Serie A, but this card from Vicenza was denied Our city of such happiness.I have seen all the photos in depth and can say that the goalkeeper was a spectacle, the fireworks were emphasized, not the cardholder’s attitude.An investigation must be opened by the prosecutor, we are asking for it.I have always been loyal in my career, just as I have Vicenza Calcio and certainly the host.However, the disloyalty seen must be condemned, it changed the atmosphere of the competition, and probably also affected the VAR, because you don’t even judge under the microscope because you don’t see frequent foot penalties..Go and see where the Venezia goalkeeper was in penalty kick Brilliant from Mancuso who cost us the final in the playoffs last year.”

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