Crisciello returns to Vicenza-Lecce: “What is Contini’s prognosis?”. Boullata: “Violence must be condemned”

The Sportitalia journalist spoke again of the explosion of fireworks after Gabriel Strefezza’s goal in relation to Lega B boss Mauro Balata. These are the data reported by trivenetogoal.

Here is the first and second intervention of the conductor in the story

first intervention. “I was targeted with criticism and social insults, we pulled out some videos and Lecce will pay a fine of 10,000 euros, tomorrow Corvino will hold a press conference, we all saw what happened. Then Contini left because he almost passed out, and we still don’t hear any news of his days of speculation. Commissioner He says the fireworks were set off by Lecce supporters but we still don’t have the name, his idea as president? And above all, can Contini stay on the field because the Lecce players haven’t come out?”

slab response. The head of League B, tried to throw water on the fire: “I understand his curiosity and the fans’ curiosity, but I am used to waiting and understanding any investigations by the relevant authorities, and making an analysis like this also seems wrong to me because it can then be rejected, and then I don’t like making judgments that could lead to denial.”

orgasm. But Crisillo says: “Is it possible that the goalkeeper will return to the field on Friday? The dynamic looks strange, and I don’t understand how the fireworks managed to get through from the host sector, because they are exploding on the sidelines. How do you think these images should be interpreted?” And slab intervenes: “I cannot give any explanation without investigations, but we must condemn all forms of violence, if the perpetrators are identified and verified, they should know there are criminal responsibilities, then set a bad example for their children. Unfortunately, it happens all over the world and there is a problem of a cultural nature, but it is false signals that lead to severe penalties.”

Silence and doubts. Crichilo adds:We do not judge Lecce supporters because the Vicenza police command does not tell us anything after 48 hours, and then in addition to the culprit, the dynamics are also missing, we want some answersTile: “In Italy, there is no personal research, these tools should not be brought to the playing field, if there are things to be tightened, it will be decided by the legislator, not us.” Finally Criscello again: “There is a goalkeeper who left the field and none of the rest, where was he going? Cinema is one thing, football is another.

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