How does this diet make you lose weight in a few days

The ketogenic diet is a special diet that is low in carbohydrates but contains fat, which is effective in restoring health. Essentially, a perfect solution to simplify and eliminate critical points while eating an amount of food that doesn’t make the typical limitations of a low-calorie diet weigh too much.

Therefore, foods containing carbohydrates are excluded in exchange for a higher amount of protein and fat. However, the ketogenic diet should be studied and prescribed by your GP or dietitian, who will be able to tailor the menus to your physical morphology while respecting individual needs.

There are many variations of this diet but apart from the differences, the basic idea does not change. The ketogenic diet aims to reach a state of ketosis to permanently eliminate fatty deposits and pads. What is the state of ketosis? This is a significant decrease in blood sugar. This happens because the body is stimulated to burn fat instead of sugar.

Example of a ketogenic diet menu

The ketogenic diet includes three main meals and two mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. The breakfast model includes the following foods:

  • a whole-wheat sandwich with cooked ham;
  • A cup of whole cow’s milk.

During the snack we can eat 20 grams of walnuts. Lunch consists of grilled veal chops and a portion of red radicchio with a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil. Finish lunch with half a pear. The afternoon snack includes an unusual food eaten at this time: two hard-boiled eggs.

In the evening, the menu is the same as the lunch menu, except that instead of meat we have fish. This is followed by a portion of octopus salad with 200g of cooked eggplant, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and the rest of the leftover pear halves for lunch. There are no snacks in the evening. You can drink as much water as you want, but away from the main meals.

What happens after this type of diet

We understand that the basic idea of ​​the ketogenic diet is to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood and counteract the fat deposits present in our bodies. By eliminating sugar intake, we are essentially forcing the body to produce glucose on its own, which means a huge energy expenditure.

To find out if we have been able to reach this state of ketosis, we can use urine tests that can be easily found in pharmacies. Based on the indicated data, we will be able to understand where we are. But there are also normal symptoms indicative of ketosis such as the need to urinate frequently, a constant desire to drink, a feeling of dry mouth, feeling tired and decreased appetite, and perhaps the most unpleasant signs: breath and sweat and especially acidic and annoying. Thanks to the ketogenic diet, we will lose excess greasy pads and restore an enviable state of mental and physical health.

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