It will be paid soon, let’s see who is the subscription plan for

WhatsApp: It will be paid soon, let’s see who the subscription plan is

WhatsApp is ready to offer a subscription plan for business usersIn the past few days and weeks, many news spread relentlessly on various websites and social networks. The thing that caught everyone’s attention was the possibility that it could be one of the most important applications in the world,”The WhatsApp“, get paid.

Many suspected that it was one of the usual fake news, but the hypothesis seems to have a measure of truth: The messaging app will have a fee, but not for everyone.
In fact, preparing for Subscription plan only and exclusively for business users. This novelty comes from WABetaInfoa site specialized in searching the code of Whatsapp beta applications.

What will a paid Whatsapp consist of? In short, we are talking about some of the exclusive features that will be made available for business accounts with the aim of ensuring them Best and efficient service quality according to context a job. Another very important add-on is related to the multi-device capability. what does that mean? The current application can be connected to a maximum of four devices at the same time, while when paying a business subscription you will have the possibility Connect up to 10 different devices, In a way that allows other company employees to chat with customers.

Therefore, the benefits will be different but the price of the new subscription plan is not yet known. In conclusion we can say that there is no fear for the millions of private users who use it in standard mode, there will be no obligation to pay for them.

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