Made in the South, Lorella Boccia, Without Clementino, Makes Everyone

Lorella Boccia Passes the driving test alone Made in the south And captivate the audience with a long, sparkly Philosophy dress, which emphasizes the shoulders, back and hips. Simply wonderful.

Lorella Boccia without clementino

In the third episode of the program Made in the south Broadcast on Monday 2 May on Rai 2, Lorella Boccia finds herself alone at the helm. In fact, Clementino had to lose because he tested positive for Covid. But the former Amici dancer was so good she held onto the stage without difficulty, even if she was telling the truth and found herself a quick replacement for ailing rapper, Maurizio Casagrande.

The program plays with two huge rivals, Fantasy half black on Rai1 and Isola dei Famosi on Canale 5. But no one can resist the disturbing beauty of Lorella Boccia and Made in the south Resists the challenge.

Lorella Boccia, the Philosophy dress that leaves you breathless

The host accepts the challenge and captivates her audience with a new and gorgeous sparkly dress. After a metallic mesh dress and a little flamenco dancer, Lorella shows off an outfit that enhances her Body sculpting by a dancer Which the brand Philosophy seems to have made just for her. A dress that we can define as “extravagant”

It’s a sparkly sequined dress with little embellished black flowers, which has a triangle bodice, slender belts and a long skirt that perfectly wraps the Boccia. The very attractive model leaves the shoulders and back exposed and reveals some forbidden details that leave little to the imagination. For this rocky look, Lorela ditches the shaggy knot and wears her long hair up to her shoulders.

Fans are in ecstasy and on Instagram Compliments are never lost. “You are so beautiful and so good”, “Dia!!❤️” “You are so beautiful!!! So beautiful, good and beautiful!”. And again: “Live you are 10,000 times more beautiful.” In short, Bockia penetrates the hearts of spectators and they all agree that she is not only beautiful, but also very good.

Lorella Boccia

Lorella Boccia

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