Millions of Italians suffer from circulatory problems: how to combat them without medicine

We recommend that you monitor the extremities of your body. Hands and feet are very reliable spies for detecting such health issues.

Don’t think that circulatory problems only affect older adults. He is a pseudo-historian, refuted by science. Each of us, at any age, can suffer from it. So it is good to know how to identify the problem. And above all, how to face it.

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As always when we talk about health and nutrition, we advise you to rely on doctors and specialists. What we present to you is just a small trace that we hope will help you. But there is no joke about health issues and circulation problems that, if underestimated, can worsen and lead to worse problems.

We advise you Watch your extremities. Hands and feet are highly reliable spies for detecting such health issues. Among the main symptoms that appear if you have problems with blood circulation, we mention numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, as well as the presence of hands and feet often. Swelling in the feet, ankles, and legs may also be indicative.

Another completely different symptom, which should also make us suspicious, is difficulty concentrating or memory loss. In general, fatigue can be an indicator, as well as joint and muscle cramps. Then watch for digestive problems: The digestive system is one of the most blood-supplied areas, so if you suffer from circulatory problems, it is one of the first to suffer. In the end, Note if your skin color changes in a suspicious way.

Chocolate also helps improve blood circulation

Therefore, at the onset of any symptoms, the advice is to contact your doctor who, of course, can actually stop the appearance of these problems at first. In general, healthy living, exercising and drinking plenty of water are a good starting point for not having this kind of problem.

Benefits of dark chocolate (web source) 2.5.2022
Benefits of dark chocolate (web source)

To prevent or treat circulatory problems There are specific treatments. But nutrition can help, too. Here are some foods that are particularly suitable. Above all, the food that can help the most is Fish oil contains many fatty acids that help blood circulation. Pumpkin seeds that reduce cholesterol are also very beneficial.

As for the fruit, it is also particularly suitable Watermelon that prevents or reduces the formation of plaques in the blood vessels. Unfortunately, it only spreads in the summer season. Hence, it is very effective Dark chocolate, which fights the oxidation of cholesterol and helps platelets. Besides, it’s good too!

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